Nutrient Review: How These Top 4 Brands Will Help Your Grow


Beginners and pro’s alike are always on the hunt for ways to improve their crops, whether it’s finding the best base nutrient program or upgrading either nutrient regimen with something better. While lots of growers say “it’s not all about the nutrients, but the way you use them” (GrowAce included), nutrients can and will play … Read more

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pH and PPM: Knowing What Your Plants Are Eating and How Much They Can Handle


One big question growers ask is why the heck their plants are suffering even though they used all the right nutrients, feeding cycles, lighting cycles, and adjusted temperatures and conditions to their absolute best. That’s because their pH and PPM levels are off, making it difficult for your plants to eat. pH refers to potential … Read more

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Indoor vs Outdoor Growing: Which is Best For You?

The war wages between indoor growers and outdoor growers. Indoor growers love the ability to control their gardens, but outdoor growers tend to argue that only Mother Nature gives you the best yields you’ll ever have. With all the advantages and disadvantages of both, you’re probably asking which is the better of the two styles … Read more

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Root Rot: Prevention, Detection, and Elimination

If you’ve done a few grows then you know how important it is to dial in your nutrient cycles, make sure there’s fresh air in your grow, and how to keep pests down to a minimum. It’s strange, then, that all of a sudden your grow starts to wilt, show signs of burning, or completely … Read more

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Humidity: Finding the Sweet Spot for Your Grow Room


Humidity (water vapor found in the air) in a grow room is great: it’s a sign that your plants are breathing healthily, and that there’s no lack of water throughout your grow. At certain stages of a plants life, different levels of humidity are needed so you can seed, veg, and flower the right way. … Read more

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