5 BEST Digital Ballasts for Grow Light Kits – 2015 Test and Review

Are you hip to the newest trends in indoor gardening best practices?

Is “hip” even a cool thing to say, nowadays? Regardless, we have noticed that many growers are moving towards affordable grow bulbs and high quality indoor grow light digital ballasts to help manage their budget.

Because of our success of our last HPS Grow Bulb Comparison Test earlier this year, we decided to make a video and infographic comparing the performance of the 5 most popular 1000w digital ballasts in the market.

Why Invest in a High Quality Ballast VS a High Quality Bulb?

Well, the reason why you can skimp out on high quality bulbs and stick with affordable reliable ones is because of The Super Lumens feature. The super lumens feature help you spend less money on bulb replacement because it boost the output on older HPS or MH bulbs, giving you a longer lifespan on your bulb. It can also provide a fat boost in lumen and PAR output on cheaper bulbs, making them just as powerful as more expensive HID grow bulbs in the market (I’m looking at your, Eye Hortilux).  Even with the super lumens, a digital ballast provides:

  • Silence – Stealthy operations will enjoy the low to no humming noises coming from their ballasts.
  • Increase Grow Bulb Life – With a slow light start-up, it’s a healthy way to star-up your bulb and reduces risks of premature failure.
  • Light and Compact – Ease of transportation and slim in design for easy setup and storage.
  • Strict Safety Features – You don’t like unwanted fire hazards. We don’t either and for good reason. High quality digital ballasts make it difficult to start a fire or damage your home’s electrical circuits.

Here are the test results:

grow light kits best ballast test 2015


Budget is a huge factor for you and all enthusiasts in this hobby/career. As much as we are a company trying to sell product, I think it’s a straight up lie to tell you we are the best without any proof to back it up. I can say with confidence that we are the value leader for indoor gardening and hydroponics by providing you affordable equipment with amazing value.

There are cheaper grow equipment that we do not carry, but for good reason. That last thing we want is to provide you the cheapest equipment that we can’t stand behind.

You want the biggest and fattest yields without sacrificing your wallet, and that’s why we are here for you.

In my years working in this industry, I have seen countless businesses fall by attempting to do just that, sell the cheapest grow light kits and hydroponic equipment. For those businesses, they learned the hard way and are unfortunately not around anymore. We believe competition is good for us and the economy but not if it causes you frustration. It’s a balance in this business to provide fair pricing for reliable equipment.

Hope you liked this review! If you have any other suggestions on comparison tests we should run or a specific item we should review– let us know in the comments below. What do you think?

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