Nutrient Review: How These Top 4 Brands Will Help Your Grow


Beginners and pro’s alike are always on the hunt for ways to improve their crops, whether it’s finding the best base nutrient program or upgrading either nutrient regimen with something better. While lots of growers say “it’s not all about the nutrients, but the way you use them” (GrowAce included), nutrients can and will play … Read more

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Indoor vs Outdoor Growing: Which is Best For You?

The war wages between indoor growers and outdoor growers. Indoor growers love the ability to control their gardens, but outdoor growers tend to argue that only Mother Nature gives you the best yields you’ll ever have. With all the advantages and disadvantages of both, you’re probably asking which is the better of the two styles … Read more

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Humidity: Finding the Sweet Spot for Your Grow Room


Humidity (water vapor found in the air) in a grow room is great: it’s a sign that your plants are breathing healthily, and that there’s no lack of water throughout your grow. At certain stages of a plants life, different levels of humidity are needed so you can seed, veg, and flower the right way. … Read more

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Sea of Green: Bigger Harvest, Faster Yields


Who doesn’t want yields all year long without taking up lots of room? That’s what Dutch growers had in mind when they created a method of growing called the Sea of Green Growing Method, or “SOG” for short. This method was created with the intention to yield as much as cannabis as possible within a short … Read more

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HID’s, LED’s, and Florescents: Choosing Your Perfect Grow Light


The first question many growers start with is, “What sort of light do I need to grow my plants?” One of the most crucial elements of your indoor garden is the light source. The perfect light will give you the best harvest per yield; the wrong light can lead to an entire crop failure. With … Read more

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Modular LED’s: What You Should Know Before You Buy


When you throw the word “modular” out there, you tend to scare a lot of people away. Growers in particular want things as simple as possible in order to grow efficiently, so most tend to either go the traditional HID route or use non-modular LED’s. But don’t let the name scare you off: modular LED’s … Read more

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Everything You Need To Know About Propagation

how to propagate your indoor garden


Propagation means to reproduce an organism through natural or unnatural processes.

When it comes to plants, this is considered the 3rd happiest moment for any indoor grower. The 1st happiest moment is harvesting your hard earned fruits or flowers and the 2nd happiest moment is knowing that your plant is a female.

Propagating your plant happens in two ways: clones from cuttings or sprouts from germinating seedlings. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For the most part, they require similar equipment to get the job done.

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How to Get Rid of Aphids Indoor Without Harming Your Indoor Grow

Catch them before it's too late! Aphids just chatting and eating.

There are interesting facts about aphids most people are not aware of. Aphids are the most successful garden killers when untreated. Aphids, also known as green flies or plant lice, comes in all shapes and sizes. Of the four thousand species of aphids known, 250 of those aphid varieties love finding ways to ruin your garden. Infestation can start out slow but aphids can produce quickly and destroy your grow room. Not only do they suck the life out of your plants, but aphids also poop sugar.

I know pooping sugar might not sound threatening but stay with me– these sugary nuggets attract unwanted ants in your loving garden. Sugar-loving ants will literally farm the aphids like livestock and milk them like cows. That’s a combo that you don’t want to see in your garden. Before you read on, don’t miss the details on aphid prevention, identification, and eradication in our latest video:

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