The Marijuana Grow Checklist: 9 Things to Look for Before You Buy Your Grow Equipment

marijuana grow room checklist

You can’t grow marijuana. You have no idea where to start or what to get first. But you’re finally fed up with having to donate or buy your weed. Dispensary visits are costing you more money than it’s worth. Then… after months of debating with yourself, you decide to cut the middleman out– you’re going … Read more

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How to Choose the Right Size Grow Tent

how to choose a grow tent main image

I’m not a big fan in putting holes in my walls (I had a different attitude in my prepubescent years, but that’s another story) and if you’re like me, it is not worth destroying your home for exhausting air from your grow room. If you know what to look for when buying a grow tent, then … Read more

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