CO2 Supplies

Co2 Supplies? Yup, GrowAce has them. No matter if you’ve got an entire  professional system of  Co2 emission or you’re just starting out in your grow tent, we’ve got what you need to make sure your Co2 is working for you the right way every time you use it.

Carbon dioxide can help your plants grow stronger and faster if you know how to use it. CO2 helps build humidity within your grow, which will make your plants sweat more, which will in turn make them eat more. Like us, the more they eat the bigger they get, and the more they sweat the hungrier they’ll be. CO2 can unlock this potential in your plants when controlled correctly. The LTL Co2 Air Digital Controller and LTL Element 3 Environmental controller will work to help control the environmental conditions of your grow, including activating Co2 Emitters (like the LTL 8 or 10 Burner Natural Gas and Propane Co2 Generators) to spray when needed and controlling duct fans when Co2 levels are too high.

For the more compact grower, we have lots of options to get Co2 running throughout your grow. The Gro1 CO2 Regulator can be used with a single Co2 tank to control how much of that Co2 is emitted at a time. If you’re just starting out with Co2, maybe an EZ Homegrown Co2 bag or mini Co2 pads are the way to go. Simple to use and dispose of, you just lift the seal, hang over your plants, and the Co2 will fall directly on to your plants.

No matter if you’re growing in a warehouse, a basement, a room, or a tent, Co2 can crank your yields out faster than you can clip them. All you need is the right Co2 setup and the know-how, and your grows will be out of this world.

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