Heavy Metal Deficiencies: Identifying & Treating Boron, Iron, Magnesium and Manganese Issues

Whether you’re growing in soil or you’re using a soilless medium like a hydroponic system, the metals in your feeding program all help your plants taking in nutrients, producing chlorophyll, and helping regulating your plants’ metabolism. While it can be tricky for your plants to have a deficiency in their metals, too much or too … Read more

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CO2 and You: The Benefits of Adding Carbon Dioxide To Your Grow

Why use Co2 in my grow?

There are two main benefits to using Co2 in your indoor garden that I found: greater yield and faster growing. To explain further, plants have a certain amount of moisture and energy in their leaves at all times, and Co2 aids in bringing out that energy to help your plants thrive. By unlocking that stored energy, most growers agree that you will get about 20-30% more yield with an increased growing speed of at least 15%.

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How to Choose the Right Size Grow Tent

If you’re like me, you’re an indoor gardener, not a carpenter, so it doesn’t make sense to go drilling holes in to your walls and ceiling for light hangers and exhaust vents. So if you’re dying to grow (just like I was) a grow tent would be the best option for you: no drilling, no … Read more

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Sea of Green: Bigger Harvest, Faster Yields

The Sea of Green Growing Method (or “SOG” for short) is a method of growing that will reduce growing times to yield as much as cannabis as possible in a fairly short amount of time. This method asks you to start the flowering stage earlier and train your plants to use their canopy as efficiently … Read more

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