Grower Q&A’s: Measuring Nutrients for a Single Bucket DWC

Tony from Vermont asks, “When I’m growing a single plant in a DWC bucket, how am I suppose to measure nutrients? The only charts I have are for big ol’ reservoirs.” Excellent question, Toni! Thankfully scaling down is much easier than rounding up, so first calculate the ratio of nutrients to the amount of water … Read more

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How to Choose the Right Indoor Grow Package

Not every all-in-one indoor growing package are the same. Most grow packages either have too many unnecessary equipment or not enough important equipment to get you going right away.

I’ve been consulting customer’s for over 5 years on successful indoor gardening setups as well as being an avid gardener myself. I’ve seen all types of budgets and grow sizes and no matter what your need is, there is a universal basic setup that every grow operation requires. What is it?

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Hydroponic Grow Tent Fan and Filter Setup Tutorial | Growtent Design | GrowAce

When setting up your fan with filter combination there’s a lot to consider as it requires a setup that can move fresh air, heat and smells out of a grow tent and replace it with fresh, cool air as efficient as possible.   Today we are going to show you several ways to set up … Read more

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HID Grow Light Digital Dimming Ballast REVIEW Yield Lab Series Hydroponics

Lots of digital dimming ballast series offer great benefits and more control over you grow light systems. The dimming feature helps reduce the intensity of the light giving you more versatility for your garden or grow with the ability to reduce the power of the lamp from 100 to 75 to 50% –  you can … Read more

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