Grower Q&A: Why Are My Leaves Turning Yellow?

Kamryn from California asks, “What’s going on with my leaves? They were green before they bloomed, but now a bunch of the leaves are turning yellow!” If the environment your plants is optimal- meaning the temperature, airflow, and humidity are where they should be for your plant- chances are you’re experiencing some sort of nutrient … Read more

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Identifying and Treating Nitrogen Deficiencies In Your Plant

This, Growers, is a closeup look at chlorophyll in its natural state. As you know, plants need chlorophyll to help absorb light and convert it in to usable energy (a processed known as photosynthesis). But do you know where that chlorophyll comes from? Nitrogen, and if you’ve seen those leaves start turning yellow chances are there’s … Read more

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How to Get Rid of Aphids Indoor Without Harming Your Indoor Grow

There are interesting facts about aphids most people are not aware of. Aphids are the most successful garden killers when untreated. Aphids, also known as green flies or plant lice, comes in all shapes and sizes. Of the four thousand species of aphids known, 250 of those aphid varieties love finding ways to ruin your garden. Infestation can start out slow but aphids can produce quickly and destroy your grow room. Not only do they suck the life out of your plants, but aphids also poop sugar.

I know pooping sugar might not sound threatening but stay with me– these sugary nuggets attract unwanted ants in your loving garden. Sugar-loving ants will literally farm the aphids like livestock and milk them like cows. That’s a combo that you don’t want to see in your garden. Before you read on, don’t miss the details on aphid prevention, identification, and eradication in our latest video:

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