5 BEST Digital Ballasts for Grow Light Kits – Test and Review

Are you sure your ballast is the best ballast for your indoor grow room?

Of all the operating parts of your grow light system the most important part of it all is the ballast.

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Without a ballast, a grow light will not receive any power to turn your lights on, rendering your grow lights virtually useless. While you may not think much of your grow light’s ballast, you’d be surprised to find out that not all ballasts are created the same:

  • Some ballasts put out high radio frequencies that can disrupt wifi signals, while others will not
  • There are ballasts that have the ability to adjust the intensity of your grow light, and others that can even push your bulbs to produce 15% more heat than their maximum strength gets normally (this is known as a Super Lumen feature)
  • Some ballasts are quite heavy and can only be mounted on the ground, and some so slim and light you can mount them anywhere in your grow room

Knowing the features, advantages, and disadvantages of any given ballast are vital to controlling the environment- and eventual harvest- of your grow. Because our growers loved the HPS Grow Bulb Comparison Test so much, we decided to make a video and infographic (below) comparing the performance of the 6 most popular 1000w digital ballasts on the market so you can make the best decision to keep your grow room up and running:

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