The Best Marijuana Grow Kit of 2019

The Best Marijuana Grow Kit of 2019

To grow the best indoor plants- like those crazy indoor medical marijuana plants you see in magazines- you need to know what equipment you buy to get the job done. But how the heck are you supposed to know what to buy? You could do hours and hours of research and try to piece your growing area together, but you run the risk of underwhelming or overpowering your plants if you don’t know what you’re doing. The solution: grow room packages.

Indoor grow packages can either be the end-all-be-all of your garden or a good stepping stone to a much larger, more productive grow. Grow packages take the guesswork out of piecing a growing area together, and that’s the truly great thing about them: the best packages have every grow light, tool, nutrient, and accessory you need to turn your saplings into big-time plants.

With so many on the market, it can be hard to know which one’s best for you. That’s why we got to work researching, building, and testing some of the best complete grow room packages out there. We took the guesswork out of finding the right grow package for you and assembled our list of the Top 5 Complete Indoor Grow Packages around to see what complete grow room package is best for your needs and your wallet:

#1 6.5×6.5ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System– Editor’s Choice

When it comes to growing indoors, the 6.5×6.5ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System is exactly what advanced growers need. While this complete system may be a little overwhelming for beginners, advanced growers who want to take their growing skills to the next level love this complete grow package.

Not only does this package come complete with a 12 Site Oxygen Pot Ebb and Flow hydroponic system and a pair of Yield Lab 600w HPS+MH Cool Hood grow lights, it also comes with a full ventilation system for the entire grow tent as well as all the nutrients you need to take seeds and clones from saplings to harvest with no gaps in nutrition. On top of all that, you’ll receive a tough, super reflective Yield Lab Reflective Grow Tent to house and grow your garden in. So when you’re ready to leave small growing behind step your game up to this complete grow room package.

OUR PRICE: $1,949.95, Buy this grow package here

#2 2x4ft HID Soil Complete Indoor Grow Tent System– Best Beginner Package

Every grower’s got to start out somewhere, and if you’re not sure what it takes to get your marijuana plants to smell and taste the way you want them the 2x4ft HID Soil Complete Indoor Grow Tent System is a great place to start. This package was made to give you all the light, nutrients, and space you need to grow 2-4 plants with ease.

Most beginners put their wallets before their experience, which usually leads to strong, expensive lights and fried, burnt, and useless plants. This package, however, will have any beginner growing easily, especially when you follow the grow guide we’ve made for growers just getting started in the field. FoxFarm soil– and soil in general- the most forgiving medium on growers, and its 400w grow light is the most trusted source of light for beginners. That’s what you’ll get great yields coming out of this small, efficient grow package. Just plant your plants in the soil provided, grow your plants and follow the feeding instructions: it’s really that simple.

OUR PRICE: $699.95, Buy this grow package here

#3 8x4ft LED Soil Complete Indoor Grow Tent System– Most Energy Efficient

We know that the combined 1090w’s that come from the 2x Advance Spectrum MAX S810’s LED Grow Lights doesn’t sound like the most energy efficient thing but hear us out. If you want to grow lots of hearty plants, you’re going to 12x plants you’re going to want lots of light. However, the only way to get as much light as you need with an HID is to use at least 2x 600w HID’s- that’s 1200w’s right there. Now, add to that the amount of power you’ll need to cool an HID-powered growing space and power starts to add up quickly. Trying to grow your plants hydroponically? That’s even more energy you use.

However, with the 8x4ft LED Soil Complete Indoor Grow Tent System, you’ll use less than 150w’s of power growing your plants, and nearly half the energy of cooling your growing area, not to mention you’ll eliminate all energy use for water pumps like in a hydro system. For the number of plants you can grow and the high-quality yield you’ll get with this package, we definitely think it’s the most energy efficient grow package around.

OUR PRICE: $2,699.95, Buy this grow package here

#4 Complete Large Grow Room Package– Best Pro Package

If you’re a professional grower looking to take things out of a grow tent and into a larger room, the Complete Large Grow Room Package has everything you need to get the job done. This hydroponic grow room package comes with 150ft worth of reflective mylar to turn any room into your personal growing space- and not just some lame little room, either.

This system’s complete with a 12 Bucket Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System and 4x (yes, four) complete HID grow lights of your choosing. With the amount of power this package kicks out, it’s definitely not for the lighthearted. So if you’ve got the chops to grow with the best of them and you’re tired of being confined to a grow tent, this Complete Large Grow Room package is ready to cover rooms between 12x12ft. to 36x36ft.- are you?

OUR PRICE: $2,199.95, Buy this grow package here

#5 Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package & No-Hassle Harvest Starter Kit Package– Best Supplemental Packages

It was hard for us to choose between these two packages, but when we thought it over we realized that you’ll need both of them equally before and after you harvest your plants.

The Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package gives you everything you need to both raise any clones you have and get any seeds you have popped and ready for transplant. Without a package like this, you’re growing your seeds and clones in the same conditions and under the same lights as your mature plants, and that’s usually not the best thing for such young plants. The Clone and Rooting packages allow you to control the light and environment of your young plants, as well as the tools you’ll need to clip leaves from your vegging plants to clone for future harvests.

The No-Hassle Harvest Starter Kit Package, on the other hand, has every tool you need to trip your plants, collect your harvest, and dry it for use. There’s a microscope included for close inspection of trichomes to make sure they’re ready for harvest, and all the shears you need to clip your buds as soon as they are. The included gloves keep resin from sticking to your hands, while the table top trimming tray lets you collect both trim and buds for use.

From starting your next grow to finishing your current one, the Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package & No-Hassle Harvest Starter Kit Package really are the best supplemental packages for your next grow.

Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package: OUR PRICE: $234.99, Buy this grow package here

No-Hassle Harvest Starter Kit Package: OUR PRICE: $159.95, Buy this grow package here

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