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Grow Lights 1000W Lil-GIANT Dimmable Ballast (120/240V) top viewGrow Lights 1000W Lil-GIANT Dimmable Ballast (120/240V) top view with logo
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1000W Lil-GIANT Dimmable Ballast (120/240V)

When your grow lights aren’t getting the juice they need, Grow1 will has the power cords you need to give your indoor plants all the light the need. Available in lengths of 15 feet all the way up to a massive 50 foot length, Grow1 is what you need in your grow room to assure your plants give you the harvest you’re looking for.

High intensity discharge light kits need two power cords to operate: the cord from high output ballast to the wall, and a cord from the ballast into a light fixture, and Grow1 offers both. Is that ballast not coming on? The Grow1 120V 16 Gauge Extension Cord will give your ballast the juice it needs to fire. Got a ballast that runs but no light coming out of your high pressure sodium or metal halide grow lamp? The Grow1 Reflector 16 Gauge Extension Cord will make sure power runs from your indoor grow light reflector for maximum light out of your grow light bulb.

Don’t let something as simple as a power cord shop your indoor gardening in its tracks. Grow1 will make sure the connections from your lights are stable and secure for optimum plant growth.