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LED Grow Light Plus Pro MainLED Grow Light Plus Pro Connected to Ballast
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NextLight 320W Plus Pro LED Grow Light
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When you’re looking to replace your high intensity grow lights with something more heat and energy efficient, NextLight LED grow lights will have you producing yield after yield of high quality veggies, fruits, flowers, and herbs. No matter if you’re growing in an entire grow room or you just need to light the space of a small grow tent, NextLight LED’s give you the intensity of light you need for vigorous plant growth without all the heat HPS/MH lights add to your growing environment.

NextLight LED’s will make sure you get high yields out of each of your indoor plants. For growers who only need to veg their plants, the NextLight Veg8 LED Grow Light and NextLight Mini LED Grow Light are both great choices with enough light output to get your plants well on their way to a fruitful flowering stage.

When it’s time to flower, the NextLight 525w LED Grow Light has the same light spectrum as a 1000w HPS bulb, giving you maximum flower and bud growth. On the other hand, the NextLight Mega LED Grow Light is a full spectrum LED grow light with 650w’s of power that can grow your plants from seed or clone all the way through harvest, giving you potentially higher yields than with equivalent lights! For indoor gardens that need high output indoor grow lights without massive amounts of heat, you’ll need the best light source you can get.

With NextLight you’ll make sure your garden’s getting the safest, strongest light they need for the yields you want.