Measuring Utensils

When it comes to nutrients, it’s all about precision: too much of one nutrient or additive and you risk nutrient burn, too little and you’ll stress your plants. At GrowAce, we’ve got digital and analog measuring cups so you can give your plants every last drop of nutrition.

For simple measuring we offer a wide range of hand-held tools that makes measuring those often times complicated measurements. There’re Xacto Cups for up to 1 oz. pours for additives or starter nutrients, and larger Measuring Cups for base nutrients and refilling your reservoir. Each comes with a scale and even a conversion chart to let you know how much of which additive to put in to your water solution.

If you’re measuring solid material (like soil) or want a sample size of some of your harvest, you can go wrong with a digital scale. Especially if you want to get your nutrient solution down to the hundredth mark, the Measure Me brand of digital scales will help weight out what you need measured quickly and precisely. Need to switch the solution ratio in your water slightly? Even .1mg can affect your grow negatively. Not sure if your plants are producing at the rate you want them? Just grab a sample, calibrate the scale, drop a sample of your material in to the measuring dish, and verify if your harvest is turning out the way you want it.

And don’t think these measuring tools are just for growers. Extractors love our scales and measuring cups to dole out alcohol and separating agents to help separate solvents from essential oils before and after extraction and purging. So no matter what your position is in the field, don’t just eyeball the liquid additives your plant needs, measure them out precisely. Don’t just feel weight your harvest, weigh it and make sure you’re giving your plants everything they need to yield the harvest you want.


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