24 Watt Advance Spectrum LED Grow Light Panel

Advance SpectrumSKU: CID-24WLEDP-TB

Color: Tri Band
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Jon King

I like Grow Ace for their product offerings. Any issue I have had has been quickly and positively resolved! I appreciate the point accumulation system and the frequent discount offerings. HINT: You all could probably sell an aeroponics system to me if you weren’t out of stock endlessly? Maybe one on your team can do a shout out to small suppliers to see if you can find the next best mouse trap of an aeroponics system. Thanks to all that assist with customer care you guys are great!

James Currie

Fast delivery, product functionality perfect for mushroom fruiting phase


great light for my Yield Lab 32x32x24 grow tent. The hangers are a little tricky to center on the light. If you measure corner to corner diagonally and find center mark it with a pen. Do it from the other corners mark it you have center. I ran my hangers the same way I measured it diagonally. Hold the crimp connector of the hanger on the center mark and tighten the hanger screw connector. I spread the hanging hook a little to remove it from the cable hanger so I can hang by one hook. The power wire will make it hang to one side take a twist tie to hang the power wire to top of tent frame to support the weight of the power wire. If you need more room take the hook and put it under the crimp connector not the loop of the hanger.


Absolutely love it.well-built product serves all my needs.


I bought this to try out LED technology for the least investment. It worked well, producing robust but slightly smaller mature plants. A very quiet and efficient onboard cooling system takes care of what little heat this unit produces and power usafge is nominal for the output. While I tested it in my larger growtent it has now been moved permanently to my small herb/floral center adjacent to my kitchen where it provides year-round vegetation however, the 90w output was too low to produce vegetables.The only improvement would be the addition of a power switch, but a seperate timer took care of that problem nicely. Overall, an exellent versatile little lighting system that produces results and even looks pretty sleek while hanging/mounted!

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