S270 Advance Spectrum MAX LED Grow Light Kit

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Customer Reviews

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Christopher Magruder

I’ve used these guys multiple times- I’m always happy with my purchases. Keep up the good work!

martin manzell

I bought this light after running a 600 watt hid system which constantly gave my plants burns and other problems due to the poor ventilation of the small closet it is located in(Forgive me for the small space, my child's closet can only fit so much after their small selection of clothes and their toy) I have to say this light is off the hook yo! My lettuce drops yields of 14-15 ounces per harvest! Thats a lot of sweet sticky lettuce! My lettuce is now famous around the neighborhood for being so good. People text me often looking for a chance to get the lettuce i grow with this light. I am VERY impressed with this LED. If you are looking for that perfect light to finish your hydroponic set up so you can produce the finest, stinkiest, sweetest, stickiest lettuce around, this light is legit. Even if you need to grow medicinal lettuce, look no further.

Rochelle Rodriguez

I bought one of these so that I could grow my lettuce indoors for the winter in a 60x60x78 yield lab tent. I've been doing this for about 4 years now because I live in WA. However, I used to use an HID system but they get too hot and caused my lettuce to turn bitter (even with proper ventilation and extra fans!). I was a bit skeptical to the yield the LED's are said to produce and had almost given up hope. However, I am VERY impressed with this LED. Not only does it allow me to control the lights for vegetation and blooming stages without changing out the LED to a different one, but it does not get overly hot and I've had 2 successful grows with a large yield of healthy lettuce. No more bitter lettuce! It's also helped cut down on my power bill from not having to use a fan and filter set and it's kept that area of my house cooler from less heat production. I've never experienced this kind of yield with an HID system and I've been growing for around 4 years now successfully. Overall, this is a great buy and I have a second one on the way so that I can start growing tomatoes in my new setup! :)

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