Gorilla Grow Tent 9' x 9'

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The Gorilla Grow Tent 9' x 9' is one of the tallest, thickest, and longest-lasting tents ever produced. The original design of the Gorilla Grow Tent 9' x 9' has changed the way people grow plants. Grow Strong with the most controllable hydroponic or soil growing environment tents available for purchase.You can be sure that Gorilla has a tent for you, no matter where your grow room is. In general, all Gorilla Grow Tents are professionally constructed grow tents suitable for both beginners and experts.The ducting ports are put in the right place by the expert configuration. 

  • The Ability to Adjust Your Gorilla Grow Tent: Experience has shown that most grow tents available on the market are 6' or 7' tall, but the heavy-duty Gorilla Grow Tent 9' x 9' changes the game with a 1' extension kit, bringing it up to 8' tall. If this isn't enough, you may add the 2' extension kit to reach 9' tall, or a whopping 10' when the two extension kits are stacked on top of one another. Begin by growing massive, powerful plants with more room than you can handle!
  • The Thickest 1680d Fabric Available On The Market: The Gorilla Grow Tent 9' x 9' is built from 1680D woven, reflective fabric that is up to 3-9x denser than any other grow tent on the market. This implies they are more resistant to light, more durable, quieter, stronger, safer, and can easily establish an invisible growth environment. Also, the walls' unique "diamond" shapes make them reflect more light and spread it evenly, which gets rid of hot spots.
  • Made Entirely Of Steel For Durability And Strength: The Gorilla Grow Tent 9' x 9' frames are up to 2-5 times stronger than any other grow tent on the market. The poles are made entirely of metal and include bolts that firmly lock your building in place. These tents are so strong that even the big bad wolf will be unable to blow them down. Also, we used a large viewing window, strong seals, sturdy zippers, and strong fabric to make it as durable and safe as possible.
  • Plant Safety: The Gorilla Grow Tent 9' x 9' has the strongest and most lasting flood pool that can really store water. The thread density makes the entire structure "ripsistent." Gorilla Grow Tents are non-gaseous, odor resistant, light proof, and include a patent-pending Infrared Blocking insulated roof that cools the tent's exterior. Also, the strongest frame on the market makes it less likely that lights, hoods, or filters will fall off.

 Large EZ View windows make it easy to take pictures of your plants without hurting the environment. The doorways make it easy to get in and out from any direction. The larger layouts make it easier to move around without getting stuck. It's easy to keep a growing space in good shape because the material is thick and the venting holes are big and can be tightened twice. Don't be so hard on yourself. Go get the Gorilla Grow Tent 9' x 9'.

You can set up a Gorilla Grow Tent 9' x 9' in no time. Velcro door strips are a clever addition that helps keep your doors open and sealed over your sturdy zippers. By installing windows, you may check on the health of your plants without disturbing their environment. Access any part of your grow room with ease thanks to the wraparound doors and the fact that they open in every direction.

The extra height makes it possible to move around your tent without having to crouch down. Now that you have access to gorilla grow tents, you may make your plants as large as you desire. We've taken care to choose tent dimensions that will accommodate a wide range of hydroponic and soil setups while still providing adequate space for accessing all areas of your grow room.


  • Dimensions: 9’ x 9’ x 6’11"

  • Height with 1 ft. Extension Kit: 7’11" (included)

  • Height with 2 ft. Extension Kit: 8’11" (sold separately)

  • Weight: 155 lbs.

  • Canvas Density: 1680D

  • Pole Diameter: 22mm

  • Door Quantity: 3

  • Ducting Port Quantity: 14 (11" Double Cinching)

  • Electrical Port Quantity: 8 (3")

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