AgroBrite T5 216W 4' 4-Tube Fixture with Lamps

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The T5 system has been designed for multiple growing environments, and it allows you to choose multiple configurations to meet the design of your garden. The grow light is daisy-chainable, and at least 3 fixtures can be connected to one single outlet. You can hang the grow light in 3 ways-horizontal, vertical, and overhead.

  • Daisy Chainable: You can daisy chain 3 fixtures via the same outlet and get the maximum output.

  • T5 Tubes: You are ensured long-term cost savings with the T5 tubes. Although smaller in size, still gives out more light than the fluorescent bulbs. The lamps are highly efficient and require very little maintenance.

  • Powder Coating Steel Housing: The housing adds to the durability of the grow light and allows it to withstand shock and damages. It also helps the fixture withstand friction.

  • Daylight Spectrum: The grow light gives out 6400K color temperatures which is similar to the daylight temperature. So, the indoor plants grow as healthy as the outdoor plants.

The T5 grow light promises a high lumen output, flexibility, and performance in different growing environments. As the system is daisy-chainable, you can use multiple hanging configurations to meet various garden needs. The fixture measures 46.2"L x 12.8"W x 2.8"H, and it is daisy-chainable.

So, you can run at least 3 fixtures through the same outlet. The daisy-chainable fixture allows you to hang multiple configurations to meet the design of your garden. The fixture uses T5 tubes which deliver twice the lumen output and efficiency than the regular fluorescent light sources.

The fixture is rated up to 20,000 lumens. The powder coating steel housing protects the fixture against damage as the protective casing adds durability. It can accommodate according to the design of the grow room. You can hang it in 3 ways- horizontal, overhead, and vertical. The grow light comes with a 10’ grounded power cord.

The fixture comes with 4 fluorescent 6400K tubes, which emit the spectrum of the daylight. As the grow light emits the daylight spectrum, the indoor plants grow as healthy as the outdoors. So, you can achieve a highly profitable yield.

The low-profile fixture is perfect for narrow grow areas. The low-profile fixture delivers light to a wider area while consuming very little energy or electricity. The fixture is warranty covered. You get a 5-year warranty on the ballast and a separate 1-year warranty on the material and workmanship.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-FLT44

  • 46.2"L x 12.8"W x 2.8"H

  • Daisy chainable—run up to 3 fixtures from a single outlet

  • Rated up to 20,000 lumens

  • Powder coated steel housing

  • Low profile

  • Hangs 3 ways—overhead, vertical, or horizontal

  • 10' grounded power cord

  • Includes 4 fluorescent 6400K tubes

  • May be daisy-chained together

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
CSF Grower
Great Grow Light

Normally don't post reviews but these lights are a retrofit on a 3-tier grow stand. They are well made, very sturdy and heavy. Also they put out a fair amount of heat, so be careful with positioning over your plants/seedlings, and remember to water regularly. I have replaced 2 of the 3 old T8 fixtures on the grow stand, and plan to replace the 3rd in the near future. No issues at all. Highly recommended.

Tom A.
Nice Bright Light!

This T5 light got my tropicals through last winter when combined with a couple of LED lights. I've had it over a year now and it has held up very well.

Paul Korbulic

Fit exactly what I needed

anonymous anonymous

Well made, easy to set and fits our needs. Price was right too.

Michelle Shamasneh

I love this grow light. It's the perfect size, and my seedlings are loving it. Great product!

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