Autopilot 4-Light High Power HID Controller, 4000W (120/240V) 30A X-Plug


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The Autopilot lets you take control over multiple light devices. You can directly wire the power into the 4 outlet timer box. The outlet of the controller is attached with the detachable 120V trigger cable. You can also plug the trigger cable with the 24-hour environmental controller or the 24-hour timer. The controller comes with a 3-year warranty, so you can stay assured of your investment.

The ballast comes with 4 different style outlets, 120/240V, so you can run different ballasts without changing the ballast power cords.

You can take complete charge over your grows with the autopilot 4-light high controller. It is an affordable and user-friendly piece. The fixture comes inside a reliable steel enclosure which increases the product's durability and reliability. So, the product will stay around for a reasonably good time. The controller is highly precise, and it can take control over the grow light completely.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-APCL4X

  • 4000W 4-light controller

  • Durable steel enclosure

  • Premium quality industrial grade relays

  • X-style outlets allow 120V or 240V ballast operation

  • 30A maximum

  • 120V trigger cable

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Don Cobbett

Autopilot 4-Light High Power HID Controller, 4000W (120/240V) 30A X-Plug

Robert Cartwright

I recommend Grow Ace

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