B.Lite 1000W De.Lite All-in-One

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The 1000W B.Lite is a generator-ready grow light that runs on MH and HPS lamps. The grow light operates silently in conjunction with the highly efficient electronic ballast. The grow light promises multi-wattage with boost and delivers high output. The driver efficiency at full power is between 95% and 96%. The grow light ensures lower harmonic distortion, and there is no acoustic resonance with the fixture.

  • Dimmable: The light's output can be adjusted with the dimming feature, so you never have to worry about your plantations getting damaged due to overheating.

  • Silent Operation: The fixture functions seamlessly without disturbing the surroundings.

  • Lightweight: The horticulture fixture is extremely lightweight, which makes it easier for transporting and storing.

  • Highly-Efficient Electronic Ballast: The ballast safeguards the fixture against sudden surges and fluctuations. The ballast gives you complete control over the power output of the fixture.

The B.Lite 1000W DE multi-purpose grow light helps run HPS and MH lamps which promise smooth functioning and silent functioning. The grow light comes with an electronic ballast designed to give you complete control over the functioning of the grow light. Electronic ballast protects the grow light against sudden surges and fluctuations.

The grow light is lightweight and delivers silent operation. With the 1000W B.Lite, you can expect high output and improved spectrum. The efficiency of the driver at full efficiency is between 95 and 96%.

The fixture is dimmable and gives a multi-wattage boost. All the parts of the fixture come completely sealed in the fixture. Also, you do not have to worry about the harmonic distortion and acoustic resonance with the grow light.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-129889

  • Generator ready

  • Runs MH or HPS lamps

  • Energy-efficient operation

  • Silent operation and light-weight

  • High-Efficiency electronic ballast

  • High output and improved spectrum

  • Driver efficiency at full power: 95-96%

  • Dimmable and multi-wattage with boost

  • Completely sealed against the elements

  • 600W, 750W, 825W, 1000W AND 1150W performance

  • No acoustic resonance & lower harmonic distortion

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