Black Dog LED 205W PhytoMAX-3 4SC LED Grow Light

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Are you looking for ideal grow lights for your vegetative space? The patented PhytoMAX-3 4SC LED grow light is one of the best choices for any vegetative space. It is an energy-efficient and full-spectrum lighting source for commercial growers and professional home cultivators. It delivers 1.5+ pounds per light of dried, cured, and trimmed flowers.

  • Daisy Chain Compatible: It runs multiple lights on one outlet means less infrastructure - up to 20 amps on one outlet and energy-efficient technology.
  • Large Flowering Footprint: PhytoMAX-3 4SC has a larger coverage area with up to 3.5' x 3.5' (12.25 ft2) per light.
  • Full-Spectrum Lighting Solution: It provides the best active heat management in the industry. This is crucial to maximizing LED efficiency, life, and spectrum stability.
  • Compact and Powerful Design: High light intensity and energetic spectrum, crucial for canopy penetration to nourish lower leaves and flowers.

The PhytoMAX-3 is the most powerful and reliable, truly full-spectrum LED grow light for plants! It uses only the highest-quality, latest-technology, top-bin LEDs to deliver light. This technology comes in a compact size and provides better penetration into dense canopies to produce a great yield with high-quality flowers and more trichomes. Therefore, this LED Grow light works great in smaller grows where energy efficiency is of the utmost importance.

Whether you are looking for LED grow light for vegetative purposes or flowering, PhytoMAX-3 4SC is ideal for both. It provides full and even coverage up to 3.5' x 3.5' (12.25 ft2) for flowering and 4.5' x 4.5' (20.25 ft2) for vegetative. 

In short, it offers you the entire lighting footprint that commercial grows beyond and eliminates growth stalling that is associated with changing the spectrum. In addition, PhytoMAX-3 LED grow light panels better penetrate dense canopies to produce a superior yield with higher quality flowers and more potency.

A Phyto-Genesis Spectrum keeps plants bushy to deliver double to triple the industry-standard yield per square foot while simultaneously increasing active compounds. You also have many Power Cord Options: NEMA 5-15, NEMA 6-15, NEMA 7-15, NEMA L7-15, Pigtails.

This series of LED grow light is truly commercial. It has protective mechanisms built-in to ensure proper operation and protection. If you are serious about growing flowers or vegetables in your space, PhytoMAX-3 4SC is the best active heat management in the LED grow light industry, crucial to maximizing LED life and spectrum stability.


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-BD-PMAX-3-4SC

  • Dimming: 0-10V, 15% - 100%

  • Product Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 4.5"

  • Weight: 17lb (8kg)

  • True Wattage: 205w

  • Certifications: ETL, CE, FCC, RoHS

  • Mean Time Between Failure: > 70,000 hours

  • Number of LEDs: 112

  • Amp Draw: 2.05A @ 100V; 1.71A @ 120V; 0.99A @ 208V; 0.85A @ 240V and 0.74A @ 277V

  • Standard Power Cord Length: 8 feet

  • Cord options: NEMA 5-15, NEMA 6-15, NEMA 7-15, NEMA L7-15, Pigtails

  • Voltage Range: 100V~277V 

  • Work Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

  • Power Factor: > 0.98

  • Operation Temperature: -4~104 °F

  • BTU: 699

  • Fans Expected Life: > 70,000 hours

  • Photobiological Photon Flux Density: 280-800nm

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