Black Dog LED 815W PhytoMAX-3 16SC LED Grow Light

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Black Dog LED 815W PhytoMAX-3 16SC is a truly full-spectrum and reliable LED plant light perfect for all commercial flowering spaces. With 1748 μmol/s PBF and 815-wattage, it can help you enjoy 5+ pounds of flowers per LED grow light. This patented fixture is equipped with the unique Phyto-Genesis Spectrum®, high-quality parts, and cutting-edge technology to ensure bigger yields.

  • Full-Cycle Phyto-Genesis Spectrum®: 815W PhytoMAX-3 16SC light is equipped with Phyto-Genesis Spectrum®. It offers better 2.14 μmol/J Photon Flux Efficacy and canopy penetration.
  • Best Grow Outcome: One grow light can give you up to more than 5 pounds of trimmed, cured, and dried flowers.
  • Daisy Chain Compatibility: It has daisy chain compatibility that allows commercial growers to operate multiple fixtures on a single outlet without any hassle.
  • Low Energy Consumption: It consumes just 815 Watt. This means the bulb helps in saving energy as compared to other LED bulbs.

Increase yield and crop quality with LED 815 Watt PhytoMAX-3 16SC light. It is one of the truly full-spectrum plant grow lights (350 to 750 nm, UV to NIR PBAR) from the Black Dog company.

It is designed for commercial growers that want to receive more than 5 pounds of trimmed, cured, and dried flowers per Led grow light. Unique Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® offers a sunlike full spectrum. 

It allows your plants to reach their full potential without warming up their leaves. 

Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® works by creating excellent canopy penetration. It uses the latest technology, top-bin LEDs, and consists of high-end components. The unique design of LED light allows you to save some room and energy without sacrificing the quality of light. 

Moreover, this high-intensity bulb has low energy consumption and offers high PAR output. Daisy chain compatibility allows you to control multiple LED lamps of about 20 Ampere on one outlet. 

PhytoMAX-3 16SC flowering footprint is double the industry standard (with more than 80 grams – 120 grams/square foot. In addition to this, it covers more regions with fewer lightning fixtures (upto 7.25' x 7.25' in the flowering and upto 5' x 5’ vegetative stages).

Black Dog LED 815 W PhytoMAX-3 16SC consumes just 815 watts and has a photobiological photon flux of 1748 μmol/s. Invest in this patented built-in USA grow light for maximized outcomes with reduced energy costs.


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-BD-PMAX-3-16SC

  • Dimensions: 19" x 19" x 4.5"

  • Weight: 39 lb (i.e., 18kg)

  • Dimming: 0-10V, 15% - 100%

  • Mean Time Between Failure: > 70,000 hours

  • PBFD: 280 to 800 nm

  • Wattage: 815 W

  • Standard Power Cord Length: 8 feet

  • Certifications: ETL, FCC, CE, and RoHS

  • Power Factor: > 0.98

  • Amp Draw: 8.15A @ 100V, 6.79A @ 120V, 3.92A @ 208V, 3.4A @ 240V and 2.94A @ 277V

  • Number of LEDs: 448

  • BTU: 2779

  • Operation Temperature Range: -4~104 ° Fah

  • Power Cord Options: NEMA 7-15, NEMA 5-15, NEMA 6-15, NEMA L7-15, and Pigtails

  • Fans Expected Life: > 70,000 hours

  • AC Voltage Range: AC 100 V ~277 V (50/60 Hertz)

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