Foxfarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil - 1.5 cu. ft.

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Foxfarm Ocean Forest is the ultimate organic potting soil to grow your plants lush and healthy. The biggest advantage is that it’s ready to use right out of the bag for indoor and outdoor plants of every type. You do not require nitrogen fertilizers at the time of planting for success. The pH level of the potting soil is between 6.3 to 6.8 which helps the garden to thrive.

  • No Pesticides: Potting soil is made using a 100% natural mixture. So, it's free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. This offers the best environment for your plants to thrive well.
  • Resist Pests and Diseases: The nutrients in the potting soil offer excellent protection to make your plants free of diseases and pests.
  • PH Adjusted: It is PH level balanced (at 6.3 to 6.8) to enhance the nutrient availability.
  • Better Crop Yield: Veggies in your garden will be more nutritious and taste better.

If you are looking for high-quality potting soil for your garden or containers, look no further than Foxfarm Ocean Forest. The bag contains everything you require for your plants, thereby making gardening much more affordable.

The potting soil is built to generate superior quality and tasty food, unlike ordinary soil. You can combine it with native soil or use it as mulch for your garden. Using organic potting compost, you can grow herbs, plants, and veggies in a container or pot. It consists of a natural mixture like forest humus, sphagnum peat moss, earthworm castings, sea fish and crab meal, sandy loam, bat guano, and much more.

These organic ingredients offer great nutritional value to your plants without causing a dangerous impact on the environment, pets, and humans. Adding them to the potting soil in the pot or container holds the water in the soil for a long time and offers effective draining aeration. Therefore, you need to do less watering on a daily basis.

The nutrient-rich elements in the organic potting soil protect roots and help your plants resist diseases and pests. You do not need to buy and add fertilizer to the soil.

Its PH level is adjusted at 6.3 to 6.8 to keep your garden healthy. This potting soil is available in 38.6 Quartz and ideal for the containerized plantings. This potting soil will last for a long period. Foxfarm Ocean Forest will ensure that your plants will thrive naturally and their roots stay healthy.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-FX14000
  • Size: 38.6 quarts of FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil for your hungry plants
  • Application: Ultimate potting soil that has everything your plants need in one bag
  • Contents: Blend of earthworm castings, bat guano, sea-going fish & crab meal, forest humus, moss & more
  • PH Levels: Ocean Forest is pH adjusted at 6.3 to 6.8 to allow for optimum fertilizer uptake

Benefits: Encourages strong branching and a sturdy, healthy growth habit and is ideal for containerized plantings

Customer Reviews

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Gino Rodrigues

Grow Ace is the best, especially when you have customer service like the gentleman that helped me with my questions , Alvin

michael tweedy
Foxfire Ocean,

I'm very very pleased with this soil. Its the best iv used and delivers what it says, my plants love it, for dool growing i don't use no other. On the other hand its pricy to start,was paying less than 20 dollars now they want 80 dollars, won't be buying it forever you much longer, I found it for what I was paying for to start.

Lee Rios

This the best dirt for your plants

Devonne Wright

Fast and easy... Thank you for the delivery...

Richard Almack

As good as it gets, and well worth the $22 price tag

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