Horticulture Lighting Group 225W Blackwing LED Grow Light

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Do you need a grow light that can be used for outdoor and indoor purposes? Then Horticulture Lighting Group's 225W Blackwing LED grow light is for you. Blackwing grows light uses full-spectrum white and deep red lights to help it get adequate heat and nutrition. It uses 225W of electricity which won't let your electricity charges rise.

  • Passive Cooling design: The Blackwing LED grow light has a passive cooling design that makes sure the indoor environment temperature is the same as the outdoor.
  • Auto-sensing power supply: The auto-sensing power supply feature in this grow light detects if the electrical voltage is fluctuating or not and drops down when the electric power increases.
  • Good for canopies: This grows light, penetrates the plants, and provides uniform heat to each part.
  • Lightweight: It is a lightweight machine so, you can easily fit into your grow tents and remove it whenever you want. 

Horticulture Lighting Group's Blackwing LED grow light comes with a dimming power supply that reduces the light-emitting. This feature is helpful when dealing with plants and flowers that need to undergo different phases of their cycle in a short period. In addition, you can easily remove this grow light whenever you want to. 

It is small in size, is quite light in weight, and provides uniform heating. Therefore, Blackwing grow light is well suited for canopies where the leaves of the plants are hidden deep down. In such cases, the horticulture lighting group's Blackwing penetrates the canopies and provides the plants with better nutrition. It is well suited for canopies with an 18-36 inches height.

The auto-sensing function of Blackwing grow light prevents it from causing any damage to the plants. When it detects any fluctuation in the lighting, it automatically cuts out all the electricity. It works on 120 VAC and 240 VAC.

This grows light is the highest efficiency grow light that makes sure that your plants get plenty of heat for their growth, with full-spectrum white and red lights, which mimic the natural lights perfectly. Your plants will have proper growth under Blackwing LED grow light.

In case your product needs to be repaired or replaced, you can check in with your manufacturer. As this grows, light comes with a three-year warranty. All those looking for a money-saving grow light for their plants should go with this one.



  • Power: 225 Watts

  • Voltage Range: 120-277 VAC 50-60Hz

  • LED: Full Spectrum White & Deep Red

  • Flower Footprint: 3' x 2' at 18"

  • Veg Footprint :   3' x 5' at 30-36”

  • System PPF Efficacy: 2.5 μmol/joule

  • Total output: 560 PPF

  • Dimensions: 28" x 7" x 2.75"

  • Recommended Mounting Height: 18-36 inches above canopy

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