Kind LED 220W X220 Targeted Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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Are you looking for a powerful LED grow light for your indoor plants' development? Try the Kind LED 220W X220 Full Spectrum Targeted LED. It offers the best spectrum, which effectively promotes protein synthesis, flowering, and fruiting. This technology is suitable for a variety of indoor plants at all stages of growth.

  • Improved Light Distribution: Kind LED 220W X220 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light delivers 3.5 times more output from your grow room.
  • More Efficient: Whether you want to grow more or fewer plants, this technology increases your plant's growth efficiency by 50%.
  • Increase Diode Life: Targeted full spectrum LED grow light features advanced horticultural diodes which increase its lifespan two times.
  • Low Profile: Kind LED Grow Light is 38% lightweight and provides better light coverage with an improved design touch.

Kind LED 220W X220 Targeted full spectrum LED grow light is safe, simple, and easy to use. It is a high-quality LED grow light that offers a 60% reduction in light height (more grow space) and a 25% reduction in heat output.

At the center of it, there is an adjustable RED + IR + UV function that helps you fine-tune the flower development needed in the later flowering stages. 

In addition to this, an independently controlled channel so you can decide when to use them to increase the production of secondary metabolites. It has an innovative design by which you can also eliminate wasted energy and avoid unwanted stretching at the start of plant growth.

Kind LED is 38% lighter. So, you can easily carry it and reach any corner of your grow room. Besides, this environmentally friendly technology has improved light distribution. This feature provides users with a better yield of grow space and unleashes the full potential of plants. 

With twice the PPF, your plants will grow faster without sacrificing quality. The X220 also offers better efficiency, so you get what you pay for. In addition, it has advanced horticultural diodes with a 2x lifespan. Whether you want to grow plants at home or use them in the office, these high-efficiency diodes can help.

The grow light is passively cooled. So, no active cooling fans are consuming extra power. Best of all, these all features come at the same price. However, Kind Targeted Full Spectrum is specially designed to give you a faster and healthier option for your plants.


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-KL-K-X220

  • PPF/Watt: 2.55 umol/j

Customer Reviews

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Judy Kirchner

I haven’t had time to set this up yet, but did plug it in,I was very impressed with amount of light emitted even on the lowest setting. Directions and controls were easy to understand.

Robert Longstreth

Awesome service and awesome light. I love this light.

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