Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LINE 4' x 4'

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The Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LINE 4' x 4' x 6' 7" is designed for indoor gardening and is great for growing all kinds of vegetables, flowering plants, mushrooms, and hydroponic or soil gardens. This Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LINE 4' x 4' model is great for small and medium gardens and is great for making new plants, growing plants, and flowering plants. Out of the box,it is 6' 7" tall and with the patent-pending height-adjustable extension poles (sold separately), you can raise the height of your grow tent from 6'7" to 7'7".

  • Adjust The Height:  The Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LINE 4' x 4' x 6' 7" comes standard with a head height of a little under 7' (6' 7"), which is sufficient for most growers. However, some serious growers desire to grow massive trees indoors, and GGT allows them to do it. You can buy 1' extension kits to raise your tent to 8' 7" in height, allowing you to grow taller plants with more yields. This also makes dealing with grow tent heat simpler.

  • Thick Fabric, Durable Frame:  The Gorilla Grow Tent uses a cutting-edge PEVA binding process to join the canvas and reflective material, providing more stiffness than the competition. Strongly reinforced viewing windows, securely reinforced seals, and ultra-strong zippers complement the cloth. The Lite Line is thus more light proof and odor proof than other tents.

  • All Steel Construction:  The Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line 4' x 4' structure is also extremely sturdy, made of steel interlocking poles. When creating this tent, your safety was top of mind, as the tight-fitting fabric and robust structure will hold the tent together and effectively handle even the heaviest grow lights, hoods, and filters. The flood pool prevents spills from soaking through the tent and damaging your flooring.

You can't go wrong with this Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LINE 4' x 4' x 6' 7" if you are serious about starting your indoor growing season. It only needs a space of 48" x 48" x 79", but it can be made as tall as 8'! It lets you grow between 6 and 9 plants, and we recommend using at least 600 watts of growing light and a ventilation system with a rating of 400+ CFM.

As previously said, the Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line 4' x 4' Grow Tent is packed with features and was designed to make your work as a grower easier than ever before. Intuitive features like velcro door strips keep your doors open while you work, and the increased head height keeps you from having to kneel. The viewing windows allow you to keep an eye on the garden without opening the tent and allowing scents to escape or disrupt your environment. The 360-degree access allows you to quickly reach every square inch of the tent.


  • Dimensions: 4’x4’x6’7″

  • Height w/ Extension Kit (sold separately): 7’7″

  • Weight: 30 lbs.

  • Canvas Density: 210D

  • Pole Diameter: 16mm

  • Door Quantity: 1

  • Ducting Port Quantity: 6 (11" Double Cinching)

  • Electrical Port Quantity: 2 (3")

  • 100% Metal Interlocking, Sturdy Frame & Connectors.

  • 210D "Easy On" Grow Tent

  • Convenient Access Tool Pouch

  • EZ View Windows

  • Heavy Duty Flood Protection Pool

  • 11″ Double Cinching, No Leak Ducting Ports

  • Thick "Easy Engage" Custom Zippers

  • 360 Degree "Wrap Around" Access

  • Micro Mesh Pest Control Pre-Filters

  • Diamond Reflective Technology Walling

  • Easy Set Up Instructions

  • Tender Love & Care For All of Your Grows


Customer Reviews

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Maurice Robinson

Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LINE 4' x 4' x 6' 7"

John Renard
Awesome grow tent

Solid and heavy duty

Vince Villa
Amazing quality

Built to last and very sturdy. The material is super thick and the zippers are so strong!!!

Shannon Dobson

Great grow tent . Was delivered very fast . Will be buying another ✌️

Zachary Billick

Very durable zippers and material. Best grow tent on the market hands down. Love that they included a 1 ft 11 inch extension kit with the tent at no extra cost. Great product can't wait to use

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