Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LINE 8' x 8'

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The Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LINE 8' x 8' is the most exciting thing to happen to indoor horticulture since the launch of the Gorilla Grow Tent. The grow tent has been designed for individuals looking for a low-cost Gorilla Growing Experience. These indoor grow tents have the same high quality as the Gorilla Grow Tent, but with a few minor design differences.  Gorilla Grow Tents are well-constructed grow tents that are also suitable for novices. The expert arrangement places the ducting ports exactly where they should be. Large EZ View windows allow you to take quick photographs without disturbing your environment. The entrances provide comfortable 360-degree access. The broader layouts allow for easier navigation. Strong construction and big double-cinching ducting apertures make it simple to maintain a perfect growth environment. Take it easy on yourself and go get your Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LINE 8' x 8'.

  • Height Adjustable: The Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LINE 8' x 8' comes with the Gorilla lamp and height-adjustable technology. While these tents have a lower beginning height, growers may still use the 1 ft. height extension kit to raise their overall growing height on the fly (sold separately). Are you bothered by the low ceiling height? Let the LITE LINE get you back up to speed. GGT and LITE LINE are the only height-extending tent alternatives available anywhere on the globe.

  • Greater Thickness:  The Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LINE 8' x 8' combines the outside canvas and diamond reflective inside with a cutting-edge PEVA binding technology. In terms of stiffness, this allows LITE LINE to outperform competitor grow tents.As a result, LITE LINE does not have the same issues as tents of the same or greater thickness.

  • Intelligent Design: This Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LINE 8' x 8' is one of the first grow tents with optimal port placement, allowing for closed-loop air-cooled lighting and cross-flow internal air circulation. Large 10" ducting openings completely tighten to accommodate any size ducting while maximizing airflow and flexibility.Extra height implies cooler temperatures, bigger plants, and higher yields.

  • Grow With Eaze:  The Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LINE 8' x 8' is simple to put together. For example, Velcro door strips help to keep your doors open and sealed over heavy-duty zippers. Viewing windows allow you to examine your plants' vitals without disturbing their controlled environment. With wrap-around doors and doors that open in all directions, you can easily get to every part of your grow room.  The extra height allows for crouch-free movement within your tent. You can now grow your plants as large as you want with Gorilla Grow Tents.

The Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LINE 8' x 8' has an all-steel, interlocking, and secure structure. They still have viewing windows, firmly reinforced seals, sturdy zippers, and long-lasting fabric. The grow tent was designed with farmers' safety in mind. The firmly secured frame and tight-fitting fabric of the smartly designed structure combine to make a tent that will provide you with considerably more peace of mind than any competitor tent with comparable specs. I should add that the flood pool works as intended.

This incredible tents are resistant to bugs and diseases. The bug-resistant micro mesh pre-filters keep unwelcome visitors out of your treasured plants. Maximum sealing, confinement, and mold avoidance are achieved using double-lined ducting ports.

Other Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LINE 8' x 8' Features are:

  • 100% Metal Interlocking Frame and Connectors.

  • 210D "Easy On" Grow Tent

  • Convenient Access Tool Pouch

  • EZ View Windows

  • Heavy Duty Flood Protection Pool

  • 11" Double Cinching Ducting Ports with No Leaks

  • Thick "Easy Engage" Custom Zippers

  • 360 Degree "Wrap Around" Access

  • Micro Mesh Pest Control Pre-Filters

  • Diamond Reflective Technology Walling

  • Easy Set Up Instructions

  • Tender Love & Care for All of Your Grows


  • Dimensions: 4’x8’x6’7″

  • Height w/ Extension Kit (sold separately): 7’7″

  • Weight: 49 lbs.

  • Canvas Density: 210D

  • Pole Diameter: 16mm

  • Door Quantity: 3

  • Ducting Port Quantity: 8 (11" Double Cinching)

  • Electrical Port Quantity: 4 (3")

Customer Reviews

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Donald Walls

KILLER DEAL, KILLER PRODUCT (caught my 8 x 8 gorilla tent on sale and got a third off if you was to price it straight from gorilla) & KILLER SERVICE

Deborah Hart

I've heard all the hype about the gorilla tents and finally gave one a shot, I'm more than satisfied with the durable construction and as far as I can tell everything is made of very good quality. The zippers are perfect, I would never buy anything else.

Nicholas Lord
Awesome maybe too much?

Awesome tent compared too all the rest but are three zippers really needed to enter one door?

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