NextLight 210W Core Pro LED Grow Light


Power Cord Voltage: 120V
Sale price$495.99


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The NextLight Core pro has been designed for compact spaces. The intense light output has been designed to outperform 400W MH and 315W while consuming 210 watts of power, saving unnecessary energy costs. The IP65 rating of the core pro keeps it safe in unpredictable outdoor conditions. The core pro LED light comes with an onboard dimming feature which lets you create unique light recipes.

  • IP65 Wet Rated: Water-resistant properties make the LED grow light dependable and allows it to function well even in challenging outdoor conditions extending its lamp life.
  • 5-Year Warranty: The components of the core pro LED come with a warranty down to the diode.
  • Dimming Control: The onboard dimming feature lets you create unique light recipes according to the growth stages of the plants.
  • Passively Cooled: The passive cooling design helps get rid of the system heat without cooling fans. It uses ambient temperature to push out the system heat.

The core pro grow light has been designed for compact spaces like open rooms, racks, grow tents, over benches, and various restricted spaces. The growlight delivers a PPF of 2.6 μmol/J. It comes with an IP-65 rating, which guarantees that the growlight is safe against harsh weather conditions. Growers can have complete peace of mind with this feature.

The 5-year warranty is for all the components included in the horticulture light. It comes with an onboard dimming feature; you get complete control over the light intensity projected towards the plants. You can set on/off timings with the dimming control and program the growlight for sunset and sunrise. The light output can be adjusted in the following percentages 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

The passive cooling design allows noiseless functioning of the light. The natural ambient air helps get rid of the system heat in no time. With proper heat management, the system gets a prolonged life. In the absence of cooling fans, you won't have to pay those heavy electricity bills.

The functioning of the system is straightforward; you have to plug and play. The growlight gives full-spectrum light, which promotes the health of the plants from seed to harvest. Full-spectrum light imitates the natural properties of the sunlight, so plants will never be nutrition deprived.


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-NL-CORE-PRO

  • 2.6 PPF/W (μmol/J)

  • DLC Hort Listed

  • UL 8800

  • IP65 Wet Rated

  • 5 Year Full Warranty - All Components - Down to the Diode

  • Designed for use in restricted spaces, open rooms, over benches, in racks or grow tents

  • Onboard Dimming

  • External Dimming (Controller NOT INCLUDED)

  • NextLight’s Full Spectrum is recommended from seed to harvest

  • Passively Cooled

  • Plug & Play - contains power & dimming cords, power supply and mounting hardware.

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