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The Yield Lab Complete 54w T5 Dual Bulb Fluorescent Grow Light Kit (6400K) is exactly what you need to get your growing clones or seeds through their vegging stage with ease. Designed for simple setup and use, this T5 grow light kit will be able to grow your chili’s, peppers, clones, and seedlings until they’re ready to flower and start baring fruit.

T5 fluorescent bulbs will not pull a ton of energy, but they certainly pack a punch. For those autoflower plants, clones, or seedlings that need a strong source of light without overwhelming heat, T5’s are the best thing for them. That’s what makes T5 grow lights so popular with cloners: the 6400k light temperature is in the “cool” spectrum of light, which is what vegging plants (like clones) can’t live without.

These T5 lights pull a minimal 54w’s of power when they’re running. That means you avoid heat damage/stress without sacrificing the wavelengths your plants need to grow, all without wasting lots of energy.

And the best part is that these grow light kits are a breeze to set up:

  • Remove the bars of the hanging rack, and loosen the screws just enough to see 3-4 threads on each screw
  • Align one of the base bars with its leg bar, with the screws facing in
  • Slip the connecting plate in to place around the screws, mount, and fasten the screws down
  • Repeat the same with the other leg
  • Align the hanging bar with one of the legs, slip the mounting corner-piece in to position between the two bars (the flat end facing forward), and repeat with the other leg on the opposite end
  • Take one of the rope ratchet clips and attach it to the corresponding opening of the light reflector; repeat on the opposite end
  • Raise the grow light with the center rope, then lock the light in to the height you want by sliding the black hook up to the mounting bar and pulling down gently on the locking tab
  • Plug the reflector in to a 120v outlet, remove the foam protectors from the bulbs, flip the “On” switch, and you’re growing in no time!

And these aren’t just great on their own, you can use them in your exiting grow setup, too. LED growers especially love these lights because they’ll fill in any gaps in coverage LED’s can handle. HID’s can benefit from these lights instead of using LED’s for supplementing light.

With the Yield Lab Complete 54w T5 Dual Bulb Fluorescent Grow Light Kit (6400K) you’ll be saving money on energy without sacrificing the light spectrum your plants thrive off. Portable, simple to install, and even easier to install, grab these lights today and get all of those plants the light they need without all the heat.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Yield Lab 4ft. T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Reflector ( 4ft (L) x 5in. (W) x 2.5in (H) )
  • 2x Yield Lab 4ft. T5 6400k (Grow) Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs ( 4ft (L) x 5/8in. (D) )
  • 1x Yield Lab 4ft. T5 Hanging Rack w/ Rope Ratchet Hangers ( ~4ft (L) x ~2.5ft. (H) )

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