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What’s better than T5 grow lights? Try growing with four! With the Yield Lab Complete 54w T5 Four Bulb Fluorescent Grow Light Panel (6400K) you’ll not only save money on energy bills, but you’ll be less prone to heat damage over high intensity discharge bulbs like HPS and MH lights.

The great thing about these four bulb panels is that it takes the power of Yield Lab’s Dual Bulb technology and doubles it. That means these lights are giving you twice the power and around one and a half times of the coverage area that a dual bulb system will give you (and four times a single bulb!), which is more than enough to grow. How much more?

Well, with most single and dual bulb fluorescent T5 bulbs you only have enough power to grow clones, peppers, chili’s, herbs, and smaller plants. With four bulbs you’ll be able to harness enough power to get clones through their vegging stage up to their flowering stage. No matter if they’re auto-flowering plants or plants that require a manual trigger the flowering cycle, the power these 4x bulbs give you will be enough to energize your plants and give them what they need to grow strong.

And installation could not be simpler:

  • Unwrap the grow light reflector panel and clear any dust away from the reflector and lamp sockets
  • Carefully unwrap one of the T5 fluorescent lamps, align the prongs on both ends of the bulb with the sockets on each side of the fixture
  • Insert the bulb so that it easily slides in to place. Then carefully twist the bulb 90°away from you until you hear the bulb click and lock in to place
  • Carefully do the same with each bulb, facing each bulb in same direction as the first
  • Once the bulbs are aligned and installed, carefully turn the light fixture over to get the cables ready for hanging
  • Using rope ratchet hangers (or any strong hangers you prefer), loop the loops of cable on each side of the light to each hanger, adjust the light to your desired height, and you’re ready to grow!

These aren’t just great on their own. If your grow area is in need of a big of extra coverage, this T5 grow light panel will fill in any gaps of light your MH bulbs miss. If you’re using LED grow lights, these T5 lights will give your grow an extra boost of cool blue spectrum, perfect for leafy greens and tall, vegging plants entering their flowering stage.

So whether you have a grow room that needs some extra coverage, clones you don’t want to burn out using HID’s, or you simply want to grow some leafy greens without wasting tons of energy, the Yield Lab Complete 54w T5 Four Bulb Fluorescent Grow Light Panel (6400K) is all you need get where you need to go.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Yield Lab 4ft. Four Bulb T5 Fluorescent Grow Panel Light Reflector ( 4ft (L) x 13.25in. (W) x 3in (H)
  • 4x Yield Lab 4ft. T5 54w 6400k (Grow) Fluorescent Grow Light Bulb ( 4ft (L) x 5/8in. (D) )

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