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Platinium 100 Series Ebb & Flow is a simple and effective system based on the flood-and-drain concept. Twenty-three grow trays constantly get flooded with nutrient-rich water. It ensures your plants obtain sufficient nutrients and water so that they grow healthy and nutritious. Setting it up does not require expert knowledge. It's ideal for both novice and expert gardeners.

  • Easy to Use: You can set up the whole system in less than 10 minutes. It also needs less supervision and maintenance.
  • Overflow Tube: This feature ensures that flooding does not occur in the growing containers.
  • Versatile: You can use Platinium 100 Series Ebb & Flow system with Rockwool, clay pebbles, and coco coir.
  • Compact: When you have a shortage of space, this ebb & flow system is the perfect solution because it is compact.

Are you finding a beginner-friendly and low-maintenance Ebb & Flow set-up to begin your hydroponic journey? This 100 Series is an excellent choice. It is easy to set up and manage because you do not need any special training or knowledge.

The grow tray lying on the tray stand comes filled with Rockwool. However, you can also use other growing media like clay pebbles and coco coir. The submersible pump pumps the water to the grow tray from the reservoir a few times a day. This ensures your plants meet their nutrient and water requirements and give you high yields.

It is built with special drainage that allows smooth water drainage after nutrition is supplied to all plants while preventing fungus and mold development. This ebb and flow hydroponics system has a compact size. Growers can scale and adapt the system as per their growing needs. It comes with a digital timer that controls the water pumping cycle. 

You can also use the timer to automate for a few days. An overflow tube connected to the container ensures perfect water levels. It also ensures that nutrient-rich water doesn’t get spilled out, preventing wastage. When you drain the tray, the air gets absorbed by the grow media and creates an oxygen-rich environment for happy plants.

Platinium 100 Series Ebb & Flow is also resource-efficient because you can recycle the nutrient solution and water within the system. This plug-and-play Ebb & Flow system comes with a reservoir, grow trays, an accessible reservoir lid, a pump, and a tubing kit.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-651070

  • Brand: Platinium Hydroponics

  • Dimensions: 38.5''x38.5''x10.5''

  • Reservoir Capacity: 23 gallons

  • Number of Sites: 23

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