Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package

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Customer Reviews

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anonymous anonymous

Nice product...very bright light..

Michael Stults

I would have given a five star review and here’s why I didn’t... All in all, this is a great clone/seedling setup except for the led light. It puts off way too much heat to regulate temperature in conjunction with the heating mat. I had all the tent vents open, a small fan and no heat mat and my temperature was 87° and climbing. But then again it was probably my fault for upgrading to the 50 watt led, which I didn’t think would produce so much heat. Maybe the 24 watt would’ve been sufficient but was unsure if that would’ve been enough for three trays of clones. Thanks GROWACE for putting this setup together and I hope it is successful for me, as well as for others.

James Henderson

A bit on pricy side but works.

Allen Kezer

Another great grow package at GrowAce. The tent is of the same material and quality as my larger YL 4X4, easy kit to put together and complete. At this point, other than the plants, there was little that I needed to add to this kit...maybe a timer as I needed to regulate the light. Yeah, if they included a timer, it would be a great addition! I had some pretty sad looking clones in my larger tent that was on a different lighting schedule and I knew I needed the clones to have a different light pattern and do it in an economically way. This kit fits the bill. Only issue was a leaking nutrient bottle which I contacted GrowAce about and they are sending a new one...although it hasn't shipped yet (but so far I've found that GA has great customer support). If you're looking for a small, low cost (kit and power consumption) unit to keep your genetics going, this is it!


Great customer service for 3 years strong. Highly recommend to others and thanks Will (customer service rep) everything has been delivered and works great . Growace stands by their words and products.

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