Gorilla Grow Tent SHORTY 2' x 2.5'

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The gorilla grow tent uses the latest grow technology, and in the compact grow tent, you can cultivate 2 mature plants and 4 small plants. The grow tent has been composed of 1680D fabric, which keeps the indoors insulated and helps trap sounds, odors, and water inside the tent while maintaining proper ventilation inside the grow tent.

  • Height Adjustment Technology: You can adjust the tent's height with the growing height of the plants.

  • Durable 1680D Fabric: The grow tent has been composed of durable, thick 1680D rated fabric, which creates an insulated environment and keeps the odors inside.

  • Insect-Resistant Micro-Mesh Pre-Filters: The grow light features an insect-resistant mesh pre-filter over the ducting vents, which does not let microorganisms enter the growing environment.

  • Ideal for Basement Spaces and Lowered Ceilings:The grow tent is up to 4’11’’ tall, making it ideal for basement spaces and attic.

The grow tent has been designed for small grow spaces like the attic and basement with lowered ceilings. So, growers who have a limited grow area can still cultivate plants. The measurement of the tent is 2’ X 2.5’, and it can ideally accommodate 2 mature and 4 small plants. The major difference between the tent sold by Gorilla and shorty is the height.

The grow tent cloth material has been composed of thick and durable material, which is rated 1680D. The gorilla shorty creates an insulated environment. The grow environment can be compared to a cupboard or a grow room.

The fabric traps odors, sounds, water and repels light, so your plants are not harmed in any way. Unlike the other grow tents where there are huge changes of the plantations getting infested due to microorganisms, you won't face the same issue with gorilla shorty grow tents. Want to know why? All the ducting vents of the tent are fitted with micro mesh pre-filters, which protect the plants against getting infected.

The grow tent supports a height adjustment technology, making the horticulture tent ideal for plants that need light at varying levels. The extension kit must be purchased separately. The OG Gorilla 24’’ will be the perfect extension kit for the grow tent. The height of the grow tent after extension comes to 5’8’’.

The grow tent uses industrial-strength zippers that ensure reliability and promise to stay around for a good time. The grow tent has been equipped with a huge door with a zipper and some windows, which lets you take a closer look at the plants.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-GGTSH22

  • Dimensions:2’x2.5’x4’11″

  • Weight:29 lbs.

  • Canvas Density:1680D

  • Pole Diameter:19mm

  • Door Quantity:1

  • Ducting Port Quantity:3 (11") 3 (9”)

  • Electrical Port Quantity: 2 (3")

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Mihajlo Jaksic

Gorilla Grow Tent SHORTY 2' x 2.5'

Joey Murray

Lives up to the hype, I have no complaints. It is pricey, but if you shop around, and look for coupons/discounts/sales it starts to come into range of the competitors.

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