Solis Tek 720W B9 720 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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If you want a high-performance and energy-efficient alternative to 1000 Watt HID lightning fixtures, then using Solis Tek 720W B9 720 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is the best option. It is the newest product from Solis Tek. It consists of a mixture of highly-effective SMD and COB LED bulbs.

  • Boost Crop Quality and Yield: It is useful for commercial plant growers that need high PPFD output for excellent crop yield and quality.
  • Significant Energy Savings: This reliable grow light fixture gives around 30% energy savings.
  • Produces Low Heat: It produces less heat than other commercial LED grow lights available on the market.
  • Straightforward to Install: Solis Tek B9 720 bulb is very easy to install and use.

Maximize your grow output using Solis Tek 720 Full Spectrum grow light. Solis Tek is a famous horticultural lighting manufacturer that provides a great line of lightning accessories and equipment to help users get high yields. In addition, it has unique features such as light dimming and Controller capability.

This light is specially engineered to replace commercial 1000-Watt DE lights. This high output system offers a full spectrum solution while allowing users to save about 30% energy simultaneously. Low cooling costs further complement it.

It consists of a blend of highly-effective and advanced LED chips such as SMD and COB LED lights. It is highly compatible with the Solis Tek lighting controller. This LED system is also very simple to install. It has a high PAR output – more than 800 umol @ 36″. 

Solis Tek 720 light is perfect for those commercial cultivators that need high PPFD output. This energy-efficient alternative produces minimal heat and allows users to enhance their crop yield and quality. It has an input frequency of 50 or 60 Hertz and is ideal for vertical farming.

In a few states, it is also eligible for rebates. This full-spectrum LED light has an efficacy of 2.5 umol/J and an IP65 waterproof rating. Solis Tek also offers protection against any manufacturing defect for three years. It has an expected lifetime of 100,000 running hours and about 70% initial flux.

This high-performance grow light is at present available in 200 to 277 volts. It also comes with a 2 40 Volt or 277 Volt 15 Ampere twist lock. So, invest in this energy-efficient LED light fixture today!


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-ST-B9720

  • Manufacturer: Solis Tek

  • Wattage: 720 Watt

  • Voltage: 200 – 277 Volt

  • Warranty: 3 Years

  • Inrush Current: No

  • Weight: 48 lbs

  • Amps: 3.0 – 2.6A

  • Input Frequency: 50/60 Hertz

  • Actual Input Power: No

  • Input Connection: 240 Volt or 277 Volt 15 Ampere twist lock

  • Compatible Lamp Type: No

  • Power Factor: > 0.98

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