Spectrum King 1050W Phoenix LED Grow Light

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Spectrum KingSKU: LED-SK-PHNX-1050-ND-515P

Dimmer Option: No Dimmer
Plug Type: Nema 5-15P (120V)
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The Spectrum King 1050W Phoenix LED Grow Light is a grow lighting beast, ready to unleash the ultimate output in your grow with 1050 watts of sunlike light over an area up to 6' x 6'. The Phoenix 1050 is intended to be hung high in order to simulate the brightest summer days for plants that never seem to get enough light. The Phoenix 1050W is designed for growers who require the largest, brightest LED available.  The ultra-slim form factor of SK Cryo-Therm cooling technology allows for maximum airflow while minimizing micro-climates. optimized for single or multiple-tier cultivation near the canopy.

  • High Efficiency: The Spectrum King 1050W Phoenix LED Grow Light also includes an iPower RP series LED grow light, an excellent commercial-grade horticulture lighting solution with a high efficiency of 2.7 umol/J and a long lifespan. It is intended for indoor growers seeking higher yields and top-tier quality.

  • Ideal For All Growth Stages: The excellent full spectrum performance of the Spectrum King 1050W is one great feature that stands it out, with 3000K emitting more reddish light and 5000K emitting more bluish light. 660nm red and 700nm IR are especially useful during bloom to shorten flowering time and increase yield while saving energy. This feature makes the Spectrum King 1050W Phoenix LED Grow Light for all growth stages.

  • Dimmable Button: The Spectrum King 1050W Phoenix LED Grow Light also contains a dimmer knob that can be used to control the light's brightness, giving users the freedom to get the ideal growth performance for each stage of the growing process.

  • Large Coverage Area: Comparable to a standard 250W HPS/MH while using only 1050W. The Veg footprint is 3 x 3 feet, and the Flowering footprint is 2.5 x 2.5 feet. It also has quiet and solid construction, so there are no fans and zero noise. The dependable MEAN WELL driver incorporates a large area of solid aluminum heat sink for heat dissipation, is thick and sturdy, and is IP65 waterproof.

Spectrum King’s Phoenix 1050W LED Grow Light is the perfect option for growers who want the biggest, brightest LED they can get their hands on. The Phoenix 1050W unleashes ultimate output, covering a 6' x 6' area and re-creating the sunniest summer days for light-thirsty plants. This powerful light utilizes Spectrum King’s Cryo-Therm cooling technology, enabling an ultra slim form factor for maximum airflow and minimizing micro-climates. optimized for single or multi-tier cultivation in proximity to the canopy.

Other fantastic features of the Phoenix 1050W include:

  • 2.8 umol/J

  • Input voltage (VAC) (50/60 Hz): 200-277V

  • 1050W input power at 277VAC

  • BTU cooling @ 277VAC: 3582

  • Temperature range: -4 to 113oF (-20 to 45oC).

  • Wet Location IP Rating: 65

  • LED Lifetime: Q90 = 62,000 hrs.

  • Dimmable: 0ff to 10-100% Resistive

  • 120o Beam Angle

  • Driver 10kV-1.5kW per Board 


  • SKU: SKPHX-X10-000-F1

  • Input Power @ 277VAC: 1050W

  • HID equivalent: 2 x 1000W fixture

  • LED Life: Q90 = 62,000hrs

  • Beam angle: 120°

  • PPE (400-700nm): 2.8 umol/J

  • PPF (400-700nm): 2940 umol/s

  • Dual Surge Protection: 10kV Driver, 1.5kW per Board

  • Spectrum: Full spectrum (near UV to IR)

  • Coverage area: 6' x 6'

  • Hanging height: 6" minimum

  • Dimmable: Dim to off, 10-100% Resistive

  • Dimensions: 47" x 43" x 4.3" (1195x1095x109mm)

  • Product weight: 27 lbs

  • Voltage: AC 120V~277V (200-480V AC Built to Order)

  • Work frequency: 50~60 Hz

  • Cooling BTU @ 277VAC: 3582

  • Certifications: IP65-rated, ETL and CE, DLC (pending)

  • Manufacturer's warranty: 5 years


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