Spectrum King 340W Phoenix Veg LED Grow Light

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Plug Type: Nema 5-15P (120V)
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The Spectrum King 340W Phoenix Veg LED Grow Light is 98 percent natural sunlight and equipped with all spectrums, including ultraviolet and infrared, which are invisible to the naked eye. Traditional high pressure sodium ("HPS") lights emit an intense, narrow band of nanometer wavelengths at a very high intensity (yellow light). This stimulates photorespiration, which explains their past success in agricultural applications.  Our full spectrum LED grow lights produce the entire spectrum of colors found in sunlight, surpassing the capabilities of any HPS light. Using the Spectrum King 340W Phoenix Veg LED Grow Light, whatever species or genotype you grow under our light, it will thrive without having to second-guess the spectral output.

  • Less Cost And High Efficiency: Spectrum King's 340W Phoenix Veg LED Grow Light utilizes the most advanced high-efficiency LED plant light technology, Samsung Diodes, for incredibly high PAR output, making it more effective for indoor growing than conventional HID lamps and other plant lights on the market.

  • Advanced Spectral Range: These LED grow lights cover the widest range of wavelengths. Focusing on the blue and red wavelengths that help plants grow leaves or flowers, Spectrum King 340W Phoenix Veg LED Grow Lights give off specific wavelengths of light and maximize the amount of light that can be photosynthesized. This makes what we think is the best light for plants and a pleasant light for growers.

  • Complete Spectrum Control: The Spectrum King 340W Phoenix Veg LED Grow Light includes a dimming control that enables growers to tailor the spectrum by dialing in the light supply. With a pair of Phoenix Veg LED Grow Light patented rope hangers, it is easy to adjust the height of the grow light so that it can be kept close (2-3") to the top-most leaves of your plants.

  • Streamline Ventilation Process: This LED grow light is cooled internally and contains a power supply and ventilation holes, so you can save money on electricity while still having a quieter, fan-free grow space! With this light, the producer has complete control over the environment for the plants, decreasing the need for pesticides and chemical treatments.

Dual surge immunity is a first in the market and provides peace of mind. The majority of dependability difficulties are caused by electrical surges that come from the power grid or within your electrical network. Surge protection on the driver and surge protection on the LED diodes provide optimal protection against these phenomena. We want to be able to set and forget our fixtures.

SK Cryo-Therm cooling technology allows for an ultra-compact form factor, allowing for optimum airflow while limiting microclimates. It is unparalleled in its class in terms of performance and dependability. designed for single or multi-tier growing near the canopy.


  • PPF (400-700nm): 950 umol/s

  • PPE (400-700nm): 2.8 umol/J

  • Input VAC (50/60 Hz): 120-277V & 200-480V

  • Input Power @ 277VAC: 340W

  • Cooling BTU @ 277VAC: 1160

  • Operating Temp: 4 to 113ºF (-20 to 45ºC)

  • IP Rating: 65, Wet Location

  • LED Lifetime: Q90 = 62,000hrs

  • Warranty: 5 yrs

  • Weight (Frame + Driver): 17lbs (8kg): 

  • Min Height: 6” (152mm)

  • Coverage Area: 4x4’

  • Dimmable₃: Dim to 0ff, 10-100% Resistive

  • Beam Angle: 120º

  • Fixture Dimensions: 47x43x4.3” & 1195x1095x109mm

  • Dual Surge Protection: 10kV Driver & 1.5kW per Board

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