Spectrum King 460W SK403 LED Grow Light

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Spectrum KingSKU: LED-SK-SK403-200V-ND

Voltage: 200V-277V
Dimmer: No Dimmer
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Improve your plant health and get a high yield with 460W SK403 LED Grow Light by Spectrum King. It is ideal for sensitive indoor plants. You can use the light for flowering and vegetative stages. It consumes almost half the power as compared to HPS 750Wt grow light. Get this super-efficient light bulb today to save energy and money on your electricity bills.

  • Large Coverage Area: This new-gen bulb covers around 16 square feet in flowering and 36 square feet in the vegetative stage.
  • IP65 Rated: It has a strong waterproof housing and has an IP65 rating. This makes the LED fixture safe to use in humid and wet situations.
  • Energy-Efficient: This energy-efficient light bulb draws half the 800 WT HPS wattage while offering a similar light intensity.
  • Heat Management: It comes equipped with extra effective heatsinks that reduce overall room temperature and prevent heat damage to indoor crops.
Spectrum King 460W SK403 is a high-quality product on the LED grow light market. The patent spectrum helps you grow your plants with full confidence. It is specially designed for small grow areas and sensitive indoor plants. 
It mimics natural sunlight and ensures your indoor plants grow healthily. This makes it an excellent gift for indoor growers looking to get increased yield and want to save money.
This highly efficient LED grow light is a good option when upgrading from 800 WT HPS and MH lighting fixtures. Rugged die-cast aluminum housing and IP65 rating make the grow bulb safe for both indoor and outdoor use.
The white light spectrum is gentle on the eyes and removes the need to use LED glasses. It is perfect for the flowering and vegetative stages. It comes with a dual warranty. The grow light is guaranteed to maintain 90% or more light output for three years with daily use and a 5-year warranty on labor and all parts.
This made-in-USA full-spectrum bulb has highly efficient heatsinks that make sure your plants properly cool and do not face heat damage. It uses only 460 Watt at the maximum current of @ 120V – 3.8 Ampere @240V to 1.9 A @480V – 0.53 Ampere.
This outstanding LED light bulb uses 62,080.9 lumens. This means it produces 38% more light than the SK402 grow light model. The full-spectrum 460W SK403 light also comes with a manual dimmer that helps you reduce light intensity to 10%. So, are you ready to shower your indoor plants with this high-performance LED grow light?
  • SKU/Model No.: LED-SK-SK403

  • Item Number: SK403

  • Light Source: LED

  • Input Voltage: 110V-277V (480V Optional) AC

  • Frequency Range: 50~60Hz

  • Power Consumption: 460W

  • Amperage Draw: @ 120V – 3.8 A @240V – 1.9 A @480V – 0.53 A

  • Recommended Cooling BTUs: 1,570

  • Ideal Replacement: 1000W HPS Single Ended Bulb

  • Lumens: 62,080.9

  • Lifespan: >50,000 Hrs

  • Light Beam Angle: 120 Degree

  • PPF: 973.6

  • BPF: 1055.7

  • Umol/J: 2.1

  • Body Case Material: Die Cast Aluminum

  • Product Size: 11”L x 10”W x 9.5”H

  • Product Weight: 14 lbs (6kg)

  • Suitable Distance Over Canopy: Veg: 36” - 48“ Flower: 18” - 24”

  • Coverage Area: Veg: Up to 6’ x 6’ Flower: 4’ x 4’

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    BRIGHT, correct wave, BEST OF ALL NO HEAT

    I am getting a good two inches a day new growth(hydro), waiting to see what density and bulk will be.
    I am clustering 4 hybrid plants; Last crop was 4 lb. we shall see what if any changes. need a couple more if density is good

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