Spectrum King 680W Phoenix LED Grow Light

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Plug Type: Nema 6-15P (240V)
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The Spectrum King 680W Phoenix LED Grow Light is designed to replicate the quality and intensity of natural outdoor sunlight, allowing your plants to grow healthier and produce more.. This high-output grow lamp employs LEDs to provide a full-spectrum white light excellent for flowering plants. Its light output of 2000 mol/s meets or exceeds that of typical 1000W Double Ended high-pressure sodium (HPS) Grow Lights.  Due to its modest profile, it can be used in vertical grow arrangements. The FL-1's ladder architecture passively cools it. It includes a built-in dimming control knob and can be dimmed remotely. ULU comes with a 5-year warranty. A separate Master Control System for LED Grow Lights is offered separately.

  • Performance: The Spectrum King 680W Phoenix LED Grow Light consumes an average of 36% less energy than a standard high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixture. It has a relatively long life span, thanks to the 90-rated diode constructed for 62,000 hours of operation (over a decade of standard usage).

  • Surge Protection: The Spectrum King 680W Phoenix LED Grow Light features the industry's first dual surge immunity on the driver and LED board, redefining reliability. Spectrum King's ethos is centered on empowering flower and vegetable growers with the 680W Phoenix LED Grow Light.

  • Spectrums: The custom light spectrums of the Spectrum King 680W Phoenix LED Grow Light have been tested and tuned to maximize growth in both the vegetative and flowering cycles.  Our flower and vegetable-proven LED systems cut running costs over time without sacrificing the durability required by this market.

  • True Sunrise / Sunset: Growers can simulate sunrise and sunset effects by dimming the light intensity down to 10%. You don't have to be concerned about durability because the Spectrum King 680W Phoenix LED Grow Light's lightweight, IP65-rated frame is designed to withstand hot, humid conditions.

Many LED arrays only emit the spectrums that are activated after the photorespiration period (grow lights with dominant red and blue LEDs). This is why typical LED lights occasionally end their cycles with immature plants that produce low yields. You effectively put plants in a permanent cold state by just providing them with the limited "useful" spectrum (pink light) given by typical LED arrays.

You might get some healthy plants, but they won't be as productive or as healthy as plants grown under a full spectrum LED grow light. If red and blue light were actually all that plants required, why do HPS lights, which contain very little of any color, outperform them? The answer is ferocity. Plants are most interested in intensity, followed closely by spectral range. When you supply your plants with both intensity and full spectrum light, such as a Spectrum King 680W Phoenix LED Grow Light fixture, they will always get quality and bountiful yield.


  • PPF (400-700nm)₁: 1870 umol/s

  • PPE (400-700nm): 2.75 umol/J

  • Input VAC (50/60 Hz): 120-277V & 200-480V

  • Input Power @ 277VAC: 680W

  • Cooling BTU @ 277VAC: 2320

  • Operating Temp: -4 to 113ºF (-20 to 45ºC)

  • IP Rating: 65, Wet Location

  • LED Lifetime: Q90 = 62,000hrs

  • Warranty₂: 5 yrs

  • Weight (Frame + Driver): 20lbs (9kg)

  • Min Height: 6” (152mm)

  • Coverage Area: 4x4’

  • Dimmable₃: Dim to 0ff, 10-100% Resistive

  • Beam Angle: 120º

  • Fixture Dimensions: 47x43x4.3” & 1195x1095x109mm

  • Dual Surge Protection: 10kV Driver & 1.5kW per Board

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