Sunburst 150W Mini HPS Lighting Fixture with Bulb

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The Sunburst supports a simple application of plug-and-play, so the sheer speed of setting the fixture is the game-changer. It is a high-intensity halide lighting system that allows vigorous growth of plantations. The highly reflective aluminum interior functions quietly while maintaining resistance and allowing quick heat dissipation. The fixture is easy to hang as you get cords, hangers, lamps, and an instruction manual along.

  • Noiseless Operation: The system functions efficiently and effectively without disturbing the surroundings.

  • Power-Coated: The coating helps resist moisture, thus increasing the product life and efficiency.

  • Easy Installation: You get a cord, lamp, hangers with the product, and an instruction manual, so the installation process is easy and quick.

  • Grow Microgreens Garden: You can raise cuttings, edible greens, herbs, and seedlings.

The mini sunburst by hydro foam comes at a good price, and you get full value for your money in return for money as the grow light is highly efficient. Setting up the grow light is also a quick and simple process. You get all the parts of the lamp separately along with the instruction manual for quick installation. Simple plug and play give you more time and better control over the grow light.

So, you can set things up without wasting any time or without the need for any professional help. No matter where you install the fixture, the surroundings won't be disturbed. The system functions efficiently and silently without creating noise for the surroundings.

The construction is lightweight and compact, so handling the grow light can be done quickly and efficiently without much of a hassle. The highly reflective hammertone material disperses light evenly over a large plant footprint, providing maximum coverage, so your plantations are bound to shine and grow into healthier yields.

Get the best out of the Sunburst HPS mini lighting fixture!


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-SBMM150S

  • Shipping Weight: 8.90 lbs.

  • Package Dimensions:17.00L x 9.00W x 5.00H

  • Base Type:Medium (E26)

  • Bulb(s) Included:Yes

  • Rated Amperage:3.95 A

  • Weight (Unboxed):7.15

  • Width (Unboxed):7.50

  • Length (Unboxed):15.25

  • Height (Unboxed): 4.25

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