5 Reasons Why Eye Hortilux Grow Light Bulbs Are Not Worth It

No matter how long you have been growing indoors with soil or hydroponics, some grow light bulbs brand will always be more popular than others. Would you believe me when I say the best indoor grow bulbs are surprisingly not the best ones to use?

The one I am talking about specifically are the Eye Hortilux brand grow light bulbs. The problem with Eye Hortilux is NOT the fact that they produce the best HPS indoor grow bulb on the market, which we proved.

The reason why they are not worth it is for affordability reasons. Here are 5 reasons why Eye Hortilux Grow Light Bulbs are not a good investment:

 1. The Price vs Affordable High Quality Grow Light Bulbs

They cost a lot, even for commercial growers. At an MSRP of $129.95, that is expensive. Now that may sound obvious to you, but it is easy to miss the finer details. Let us break it down for you: 

For consistency, I will be comparing prices for 1000 watt bulbs as examples. The cheapest price that I found for a Hortilux 1000w HPS is on Amazon.com for $65 free shipping. In our last HPS grow bulb test, we showed that the second best HPS grow bulb on the market, which is the Yield Lab High Output HPS ($37.75 + Free Shipping on Amazon.com), was far cheaper than the MSRP price of the first best HPS grow bulb.

When it comes to flowering, you do not need pricey bulbs. Just go with the $35 – $50 range “red” HPS bulbs such as Yield Lab Horticulture or Ushio. They will work fine because you have to consider the grow light bulb’s life expectancy.

2. Life Expectancy

It has been mentioned by many professional indoor growers that indoor grow bulbs have the most intense lights in the first year. After one year it is recommended to replace the bulb because the light intensity gets weak over time.

Some claim you can run an additional harvest with an Eye Hortilux grow bulb. This is simply not true and if you did, the last harvest will not result in a bigger yield.

Eye Hortilux mentions this on their website regarding their bulbs as well. So knowing that you have to replace your grow bulbs once a year (roughly about two harvests), means that you would be spending more money on the long run on an expensive bulb.

The Eye Hortilux Super HPS can be used in both veg and flower, but in my experience, you will get much better results having a separate MH bulb for veg and then a standard HPS for flower. Put the money you saved on your flowering bulbs toward good veg bulbs, they will make more of a difference and you will be investing in fewer expensive bulbs.

 3. Compared to the second best grow light bulbs, you are not getting enough intensity for the price. Let me explain…

Through our testing, Using an Eye Hortilux Super HPS 1000w bulb, you will only be getting 10% extra light strength in PAR ratings. Looking at the price comparison from the beginning of this article, you will be paying about twice as much for only a 10% gain. If that is worth it, you do not know this one trick that many experts use that can transform your cheap bulbs to run even stronger than Eye Hortilux bulbs– It’s Super Lumens.

4. Digital Ballasts with the Super Lumens Feature:

Stronger and more intense lighting can be created with the Super Lumens feature. A 1000w grow bulb under the Super Lumens option will create 15% more lights by maxing out the bulb’s capacity. 

See: Yield Lab Horticulture’s Digital Dimming Ballast with the new Super Lumens Feature. 

But I heard this will lower your bulbs’ life expectancy? Yes it is true that your bulbs will end quicker when using the Super Lumens feature.

But it will not affect your garden if you are planning on replacing them regularly. Remember, your bulbs should be replaced yearly so why not max them out and provide the best lighting for your plants? During a year full of harvests, increasing your HPS output means bigger yields and heavier fruits.

5. Eye Hortilux have the same warranty as any other grow light bulb.

Yep. They follow the same 1 year warranty that has been standardized in the industry. This is because bulbs decrease efficiency after 1 year of use and they either tend to blow out by this time or lose their potency for your garden. Even though they might be superior initially, they have the same expiration date as all grow light bulbs in the industry.

Eye Hortilux is a great manufacturer of quality products. But with the trend in high quality grow light bulbs at affordable prices, they need to find new ways to keeping themselves more relevant. Not only that, but they are ways to increase bulb performance with Super Lumen features found on newer digital ballasts.

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