Root Spa 5 Gal DWC Bucket System



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Root Spa is a simple and effective deep water culture system that allows you to grow your large plants effectively and help you get excellent yields. The airtight seal prevents water leakage, and the air pump oxygenates the water for better plant root growth. You can use this DWC system to grow peppers, tomatoes, squash, etc.

  • Watertight Seal: Root Spa comes with a watertight Hermetic seal that prevents leakage out of the system.
  • Multi-Purpose Air Hose: Air hose helps to provide air to the bottom of the bucket to the pump.
  • Fast Vegetative Growth: DWC set-up provides quick access to nutrients and oxygen. This results in faster vegetative growth and great yields.
  • 10” Bucket Basket: This system includes a bucket to allow to use of any grow medium in it.

Root Spa allows you to grow your plants with their roots soaked in an aerated nutrient solution. This removes the need for much fertilizer. It is ideal for beginner hydroponic growers because it is very easy to use and inexpensive, and there is no need for costly air stones.

This ready-made DWC system ensures plants absorb enough oxygen, water, and nutrients to help them thrive well and ensure faster growth. You can use it to grow any plant – squash, peppers, and more. 

Once you set the Root Spa system, you need very little maintenance. You can leave it for over 24*7. Since the system is completely automated, users do not need to concern about overwatering or underwatering the plants.

The reservoir holds all the plants, and the 8 '' inner basket allows you to use any soilless media. – coco coir, Rockwool mini cubes, clay pebbles, etc. But clay pebbles are mostly suited for this system.

It comes with one bucket, ½" elbow fitting, 8” bucket basket, air pump, 1/4“ black translucent tubing, multi-purpose air hose assembly, and ½" grommet fitting. An air pump supplies oxygen to the plant roots to boost root growth.

Elbow and grommet fitting ensure a completely sealed connection without any leakage. A multi-purpose air hose provides air from the air pump to the bottom of the bucket.

On the other hand, translucent tubing helps you watch out for the nutrient level in the outer bucket (i.e., reservoir). Root Spa also comes with 1year limited warranty to ensure that customers have confident purchases.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-RS5GALSYS

  • Shipping Weight: 6.4 lbs

  • Brand: Active Aqua

  • Type: Deep Water Culture

  • Package Dimensions: 13.0L x 13.0W x 15.0H

  • Color: Black

  • Capacity: 5 gallons

  • Number of Sites: 1

Air Pump Information:

  • 50 GPH (Gallon per Hour)

  • 3.2 LPM (Meter per Minutes

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Shaun Kimura

As described.


First time grower can’t believe how easy to use left my plants for two days and they were doing great when I got home


If you dont want to go through all the hassle of building your own this bubble bucket is a great alternative. No airstones needed! Raw air pumped into this bucket gives roots the air they love and need.

New to DWC

I have not used it yet waiting for clay pebbles. which I had to purchase from another merchant. The unit looks good and is sturdy. I received it quickly as promised, the product was packaged well. This unit sells for $104 dollars locally. I will update once I get started . totally satisfied with I purchased. The first grow will be a tomato plant

Roshann GEORGE

Love the product shipping and communication cld be slightly better more of the communication

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