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Growing Essentials FlashGro on White 4'x25' top view
FlashGro on White 4'x25'
Sale price$35.95

Want to turn your room or closet into a grow room? With Flashgro reflective surfacing, all you have to do is line the walls surrounding your garden, turn on your grow lights, and in seconds you’ll see your plants surrounded by wavelengths coming from your favorite HPS/MH or LED grow lights.

Flashgro is highly reflective, consisting of a metalized polyester film surface with a tough woven poly backing material. This film reflects both heat and light in an even dispersed pattern and is great for use anywhere in a grow room setup as it can be stapled, nailed, or glued to any surface. This heavy duty film's high durability also makes it reusable and easy to clean.

Whether you have a basic grow operation or you’ve got a setup that implements carbon dioxide and environmental additives, this film is tough enough to assure your newly reflective walls stay in tact and shiny. No matter if you’re using full spectrum or supplemental lights, no matter the grow medium you choose to use, as long as you’ve got Flashgro surrounding your plants you’re in for plenty of growth all season long.

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