When we say “climate control” we mean it. With GrowAce you’ll be able to control the temperature of your grow space, and have the ability to control the humidity levels, CO2 levels, and movement of air around your grow. With the right climate control setup, you’ll be able to give your garden the environment best suited to its needs, which will in turn result in a bigger and better yield.

If your grow room is getting a little stuffy, it might be time to ventilate your grow room. We’ve got duct fans to cover hundreds of cubic feet of space with air, or pull stale/dirty air out of your grow room. These can be paired with any of our duct filters and fit together with ducting to keep air flow and filtration going exactly where you want it to- no air leaks, no breaks. And when humidity levels get too high, you know we’ve got you covered with dehumidifiers and a/c units to keep humidity and high temperatures in check.

But if your garden is getting a little chilly no fear, we’ve got what you need to heat that room up a little. Just grab one of your favorite heaters or set up the system in your central heating system, an environmental controller, and with the turn of a dial, you’ll be able to regulate how much heat is in your garden. Heck, with iPonic 624 Environmental Control unit, you don’t even need to be in your garden: you can remotely control your environment with a phone app!

Whether you need to cool or heat your garden, lower your CO2 levels or raise them a little, GrowAce will let you take control of your garden beyond lights. Trust us, even if your nutrients and light cycles are on point, it’s nothing without the right environmental conditions.