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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
Growing Essentials Yield Lab Digital Thermo-Hygrometer with packagingGrowing Essentials Yield Lab Digital Thermo-Hygrometer side profile
Growing Essentials Gro1 Wireless Weather Station + Sensor
Growing Essentials Gro1 Weather Station (non-wireless) front profile
Growing Essentials Gro1 Wireless Sensor close up
Gro1 Wireless Sensor
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Growing Essentials Sh-101 Digital Thermo-Hygrometer frontGrowing Essentials Sh-101 Digital Thermo-Hygrometer side

Some gardens have lots of different sensors around their garden: a thermometer for the temperature in the grow room, a unit to measure the humidity and Co2 levels. With all of those meters around the room it can get a little tricky to keep all of your levels on point if you’re constantly running from one to the other, but at GrowAce we carry a selection of Weather Stations that’ll read nearly anything about your grow room’s environment so you can adjust and regulate it.

The Gro1 Weather Station comes in a wireless and non-wireless version that can read things about your grow room you didn’t even think of. Not only does it keep basic things like time and the date, but also has an electronic weather forecast, measures and reads the temperature and humidity of your growing area, has a 12 hour thermometer trend reader (to measure the various temperatures your garden feels throughout the day), and has an indoor comfort index to read whether your grow room is dry, wet, or in a comfortable state.

Yield Lab offers a simpler version of a meter with a Digital Thermo-Hydrometer. Instead of placing two different thermometers in your grow area, just set up this single hydrometer and you’ll be able to see the temperature and humidity levels in your garden on one small screen. Check the time, and if your readings are off just activate your ventilation and temperature control systems and get your grow back on track.

The environment of your grow room is vital to the life of your plant. The wrong environment in your garden will invite mold and pests to chow down on your garden. A bad environment can also stress your grow and lead to entire crop failure. To assure you have a quality harvest, make sure your plants have a healthy environment to grow in.

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