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Growing Essentials Gro1 LED Pocket Microscope 60x-100x side view
Growing Essentials Gro1 Illuminated Double Loupe 30x & 60x components
Growing Essentials Gro1 LED Slim-Scope 100x side view
Gro1 LED Slim-Scope 100x
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Growing Essentials Gro1 LED Binocular Microscope 60x close up
Horticulture Grow Kit Yield Lab Harvest Main
No-Hassle Harvest Starter Kit Package
Sale price$159.95

Microscopes: they’re not just for science class anymore. Sure your plants look great on the outside: nice green leaves, deep colors in your flowers. But one day you check your plants and notice a little discoloration on your leaves and you think, “No big deal.” The next week you check your crop and all of a sudden those green leaves are turning yellow or even worse- starting to die! If you know your environment is stable and your nutrient solution is on point, you might need to look beyond the surface of your plants to see what’s going on around the canopy of your grow to solve the problem.

With a Gro1 Illuminate microscope of 30x – 60x magnification power, you’ll be able to search your canopy and stems for pest infestations and fungal or bacterial growth draining the life out of your plants. From 60x to 100x power you’ll be able to see that the resin on your plant may not be resin, but in fact, eggs from pests that will suck the life out of your plants, wasting weeks- even months- of your hard work. For you advanced growers out there, we have 100x to 300x microscopes with USB connections to view the life of your plants on a computer monitor or TV screen, just like in a lab. You can look in to the veins of your plant for strong health and even identify traces of pests (casings, shells, webs) just by running these microscopes over your garden.

Viewing your plants is more than just making sure they’re standing up tall and there are no bugs on it. Often times the enemy you can’t see with your eyes is the one that’s going to ruin your entire crop, so if your plants are starting to wilt or you’re just not seeing the color on those leaves that you use to, take a look down in to your growing crops and final harvest, and make sure your plants and yield are free of imperfections and critters.

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