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Nutrients BioBizz Bio·Heaven frontNutrients BioBizz Bio·Heaven front of label
BioBizz Bio·Heaven
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Growing Essentials BioBizz Pre-mix 5 ltr front on tub
BioBizz Pre-mix 5 ltr
Sale price$12.95
Nutrients BioBizz Topmax 10 ltr front of bottle
BioBizz Topmax 10 ltr
Sale price$219.95

BioBizz gives you and your plants quality nutrition no matter what medium you grow in. While some brands only specialize in liquid nutrients, BioBizz offers growers mediums and nutrients with unrivaled quality. From base nutrients to boosters to coco coir, you'll find exactly what your plants need for the harvest you want. Whatever you're growing and what medium you want to use, BioBizz has the nutrients your plants need.

Soil, hydroponic, and virtually any medium you use will need liquid nutrition at one point, and when that time comes BioBizz has the base, growth, and blooming nutrients you need. Start your plants off with Bio-Grow for vegetative growth, followed by Bio-Bloom for flower and fruit growth, and you're on track for a good harvest. Need a great harvest? Add some Root Juice for added root growth and Top Max for even more vigorous growth out of your plants.

If you're used to growing in coco- or even if you've just given it a thought- BioBizz's got you covered. With a bag of BioBizz Coco-Mix or Lightmix and any of their liquid fertilizers, get ready for a harvest you won't forget.


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