Harvest: a grower’s favorite time of the year! And at GrowAce, we’re here to make sure your harvest comes out as great as you grew it. From trimming to drying, extraction to storage, we’ve got what you want to keep your yield fresh and ready for use.

Once you’ve flushed your plants, it’s time to clip your plants and dry ‘em. If you’re more of a hands-on grower we’ve got an array of scissors to prune those fat branches, trim branches, and needle-nose scissors to get down in there and clip those pesky leaves that just can’t seem to be reached otherwise. But if you’re more of a hands-off, we’ve got mechanical and motorized leaf trimmers: all you’ve got to do is toss your yield in to the trimmer, give it a few cranks (or start the motor), and your products are trimmed and looking pretty.

You can hang your finished yield, or you can dry it out using one of our drying racks. Whether you’ve got a whole farm to harvest or just a few plants, we’ve got drying racks that breathe easy to keep mold in check while harvesting. Don’t forget about our dehumidifiers to help get the rest of that unwanted moisture out of your harvest room.

When you’re done, you can keep your yield in a Funk Fighter bag to eliminate odor from the outside, while also maintaining its freshness. That’s prefect for when you decide to either consume your yield or extract it, using one of our many extraction products. Whether you’re in to pressing screens and ice washing or butane blasts, we have what you need to extract your yield and turn it in to even better essential oils and much more.

Harvest is what you’ve been working for the past few months- don’t you think your plants deserve the best from start to finish? Your plants worked just as hard as you did to grow, so you owe it to them to harvest the best way possible. Trust us, you and your plants will thanks us when you’re done.