Yield Lab LED Grow Room Glasses with Case

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While you take care of your plants, let the yield LED grow room classes take care of your eyes. Keep your eyes protected against harmful wavelengths when you enter the grow room. Just like your plants need a regular checkup, your eyes need to be protected at all times. The glasses will help you view the plants in their true colors.

  • Optimal Eye Protection: Your eyes stay protected against the varying wavelengths reflected by the plants, keeping your eyes safe.

  • Glasses with a Case: Securely keep the glasses safe in the softcover. The safety cover lets you carry the glasses anywhere inside your purse.

  • See the True Colors of the Plants: With the grow glasses, you get the true vision of the plant’s color.

Growers seem to neglect the importance of wearing grow glasses while visiting the grow room, unaware of how the lights' light could mess up their vision. The grow light emits various spectrum lights, and plants absorb some of the major wavelengths while reflecting a few. The spectrum which gets reflected may severely affect the eyes.

The glasses come with a safe cover which will not create any scratches on the glasses when you leave them inside the purse. You get the case along with the glasses at no extra cost. The glasses give you a true vision of the plant’s color.

Not that you will feel the grow light impact your eyes immediately after your first contact with the grow light, as your eyes will get damaged over a prolonged period. The grow light emits light that imitates the sun's properties, which is beneficial for the plants, unlike your eyes.

Now, with the grow room glasses, visit the greenhouse without worry, as your precious eyes stay protected against the harmful rays.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Product is exactly as described

Hugh Kimble

I was surprised how quickly my green glasses came!

Steve Whitmer

I love it! As advertised

Jameson Jenkins
Cool Vision

Nice custom-like fit on me!

steven gegg
save your eye site

my grow light kind x 420 works really well, but the glare from my tent walls are blinding, so i read alot on over glasses. but growace glasses were the only ones that i felt would work over my glasses and guess what it does a good job being over my precription glasses , no more having the blind by the light by ELO

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