Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package

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The Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package has everything you need to germinate seeds, get great cuttings, and clone like a pro! These cloning kits for plants include a Yield Lab Reflective 32x32x24" grow tent, the perfect size for germination and cloning mediums. We also provide medical-grade disposable scalpels for sanitizing cuttings from your mother plant. Dip the cuttings tips into the EZ-Clone Rooting Compound to stimulate new root growth and plug them into the Speedy Root plugs. Spritz some water on the EZ Co2 Pads and place one within one of the starter cells to produce moisture for your clones. Place the dome over the cuttings and place it over the Root Radiance heating mat. Don't forget to position your seeds and clippings under the 22W LED Blue Grow Light Panel for chlorophyll production. When you're ready, transplant your clones and sprouts to a larger grow medium and you're on your way to a strong, fruitful garden!

Plant Cloning Supplies Include:

  • Yield Lab 32x32x24" Reflective Grow Tent
  • 22 Watt Blue LED Grow Light Panel
  • EZ Co2 Pads (10 Pad Pack)
  • Speedy Root 50 Cell Starter Tray
  • MX-Clone Rooting Compound 2oz.
  • Premium 8" Domes in cloning kits for plants
  • 20.75" x 10" Root Radiance Heat Mat
  • Gro1 Scalpels (10pcs/box)
  • 10" x 20" EXTREME Propagation Tray
  • Humboldt Roots Rooting Compound no longer in kit

These cloning kits for plants are better than other similar kits on the market:

  • Heavy duty humidity dome
  • Reliable and reusable heat mat
  • Better root starter system with the Speedy Roots Cell Starter formula. Great for seeds and clones!
  • Heavy duty propagation tray included in plant cloning supplies
  • Medical grade scalpels for clean cuttings included in plant cloning supplies
  • Clone Gel with proven formula and 99% success rate
  • All Blue LED diodes to promote growth and stimulate chlorophyll production

Just add your clones to the starter plugs, place on heat mat, water and place humidity dome over tray. Give them some light and your clones will be rooting in no time!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Crae Pease
Clone tent

Works great. Crop thrived with little maintenance.

Wayne Deitrick

Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package

anonymous anonymous

Nice product...very bright light..

Michael Stults

I would have given a five star review and here’s why I didn’t... All in all, this is a great clone/seedling setup except for the led light. It puts off way too much heat to regulate temperature in conjunction with the heating mat. I had all the tent vents open, a small fan and no heat mat and my temperature was 87° and climbing. But then again it was probably my fault for upgrading to the 50 watt led, which I didn’t think would produce so much heat. Maybe the 24 watt would’ve been sufficient but was unsure if that would’ve been enough for three trays of clones. Thanks GROWACE for putting this setup together and I hope it is successful for me, as well as for others.

James Henderson

A bit on pricy side but works.

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