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Bio Heaven is a specially created plant energy booster by top dutch manufacturer - BioBizz. It is built to offer your plants carefully chosen biological stimulants (like amino acids) to maintain the metabolism and structure of plants.

It also enhances the effects of fertilizers and foliar sprays used to feed the plants. Bio Heaven also repairs the production of chlorophyll, restimulates plants and eliminates toxins from plants.

How to Use Bio Heaven?

You can use Bio Heaven during the whole flowering and grow period. In addition, it can be used on all substrates in hydro and coco-based systems.

Step 1: Begin with 2 ml and increase it to 5 ml slowly.

Step 2: For the best outcome, follow our grow schedule.

Note: The perfect dose is 2 to 5 ml.


  • Increase the translocation of nutrients in fertilizers and foliar

  • Boost the chelate of important micro and macronutrients

  • Stimulate enzymatic activity and maintain humidity

  • Create a great source of carbonic acid for micro-organisms

  • Improve the quality and performance of crops

  • Ideal to use with the numerous BioBizz nutrients and additives


  • SKU/Model Number: DL-BBG200272

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