Modular LED’s: What You Should Know Before You Buy


When you throw the word “modular” out there, you tend to scare a lot of people away. Growers in particular want things as simple as possible in order to grow efficiently, so most tend to either go the traditional HID route or use non-modular LED’s. But don’t let the name scare you off: modular LED’s … Read more

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5 BEST Digital Ballasts for Grow Light Kits – 2015 Test and Review

grow light ballast test comparison 2015

Are you hip to the newest trends in indoor gardening best practices?

Is “hip” even a cool thing to say, nowadays? Regardless, we have noticed that many growers are moving towards affordable grow bulbs and high quality indoor grow light digital ballasts to help manage their budget.

Because of our success of our last HPS Grow Bulb Comparison Test earlier this year, we decided to make a video and infographic comparing the performance of the 5 most popular 1000w digital ballasts in the market.

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How Many Grow Lights Do Your Plants Need?

figure out how many lights you need for your grow room

How much light is enough to provide excellent growth from my plants? So you did the research and finished picking your perfect grow tent. Now you need to measure how many grow lights you need to get the biggest and best yield you can grow. New and even experienced growers have a hard time figuring out … Read more

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5 Easy Steps To Set Up A Yield Lab Grow Light System

hps grow light

How do you know if your grow light system works right?

We took the time to put together this comprehensive guide on setting up and using your grow light system to the fullest. Towards the end of the infographic, we even included videos and links to other useful resources to help you jump start your indoor grow.

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How to Choose the Right Indoor Grow Package

choose right indoor grow package

Not every all-in-one indoor growing package are the same. Most grow packages either have too many unnecessary equipment or not enough important equipment to get you going right away.

I’ve been consulting customer’s for over 5 years on successful indoor gardening setups as well as being an avid gardener myself. I’ve seen all types of budgets and grow sizes and no matter what your need is, there is a universal basic setup that every grow operation requires. What is it?

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